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Dr. Christopher Kwolek  MedTech  Hero™
Dr. Christopher Kwolek:
Pioneering New Blood Clot Treatments.
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May 17, 2021  
Medtech1 HERO: Hero Archives
Dr. Christopher Kwolek January 2013
Dr. Christopher Kwolek: Pioneering New Blood Clot Treatments
Dr. Christopher Kwolek: Pioneering New Blood Clot Treatments

Dr. Sherif Emil, Pediatric Surgeon, Scars1 Hero December 2009
Drs. Sherif Emil and Nabil Fanous: Pioneering Surgical Techniques to Minimize Scars
Read an interview with Scars1 hero, Dr. Sherif Emil, who is an acclaimed expert on pediatric surgery.

Dr. Stephen F. McCartney June 2007
Dr. Stephen F. McCartney: Providing Medical Care For Our Troops
In February 2003, Captain Stephen F. McCartney, M.D., United States Navy, arrived at Logistical Support Area Coyote, on the Iraq-Kuwaiti border, to wait for the U.S. attack on Iraq. Dr. McCartney was a surgeon, preparing to treat the injured American forces – as well as the injured enemy prisoners and civilians.

Providing Innovative Care for Patients September 2006
Dr. Red Alinsod: Providing Innovative Care for Patients

Dr. Giorgio Biasi July 2006
Dr. Giorgio Biasi: Pioneering Embolism Diagnosis Methods

Medtech Hero Dr. John Moenning March 2006
Dr. John Moenning: Collaborating to Improve Lives with Oral Surgery

Medtech Hero Dr. George Triadafilopoulos November 2005
Dr. George Triadafilopoulos: Bringing Patients Relief from GERD

Fibroids1: Collaborating to Treat Fibroid Patients August 2005
Dr. Hahn and Dr. Tu: Collaborating to Treat Fibroid Patients

Uterus Hero Dr. John McNamara May 2005
Dr. John McNamara: Helping Women Make Informed Choices

Fibroids1: Cleveland Clinic Team Fights Fibroids April 2005
Dr. Bradley, Dr. Moon and Dr. Newman: Cleveland Clinic Team Fights Fibroids

Reflux Hero Dr. Daniel DeMarco March 2005
Dr. Daniel DeMarco: Eliminating Problems for Patients Battling Reflux

Uterus1 Hero Dr. David Gandell March 2005
Dr. David Gandell: Treating a Woman's Cycle Doesn't End at Delivery

Reflux Hero Dr. William Snape July 2004
Dr. William Snape: Shedding Light on the Latest Trends in GE

Dr. Glen Lehman January 2004
Dr. Glen Lehman: A Pioneer in GERD Technology

Dr. Lawrence Cohen September 2003
Dr. Lawrence Cohen: Focusing on the Esophagus

Dr. Stephen Zinner July 2003
Dr. Stephen Zinner: An Infectious Disease Expert Discusses SARS

Dr. David Johnson June 2003
Dr. David Johnson: The Home Economics Approach to Reflux Disease

Dr. Dinesh G. Patel May 2003
Dr. Dinesh G. Patel: Spreading High Quality Orthopedic Care

Dr. Dan Guttmann May 2003
Dr. Dan Guttmann: Accelerating the Implementation of Arthroscopy

Dr. Chim Lang January 2003
Dr. Chim Lang: Providing Focused Care for Heart Failure Patients

Dr. Richard S. Laskin October 2002
Dr. Richard S. Laskin: Setting a Standard in Knee Replacement Procedures

Dr. Stanley Forwand July 2002
Dr. Stanley Forwand: Bringing A Moving Experience To Cardiac Care

Dr. Christopher Cannon May 2002
Dr. Christopher Cannon: Aggressive Cardiac Interventions Save Lives

Dr. Garth Rosenberg November 2001
Dr. Garth Rosenberg: On the Cutting Edge of Venous Care

September 2001
Charles Ray, MD: Taking Spine Surgery to a Higher Level

August 2001
Tom Cox, MD: Working Toward Improving Women's Health

June 2001
Steven D. Schwaitzberg, MD: Breaking New Ground in Surgery

May 2001
Henrik Malchau, M.D., Ph.D.: Behind the Scenes in Hip Replacement

April 2001
Dr. Ronald R. Blanck, D.O.: Osteopath Reflects on Distinguished Career

March 2001
Patrick C. Walsh, MD: Making Strides in Prostate Cancer

February 2001
Janine Jagger, M.P.H, Ph.D.: Reducing the Risk of Needlestick Injury

January 2001
Michael E. Trigg, MD: Making Strides in Pediatric Transplantation

October 2000
Dr. Gail K. Naughton: Advances in Tissue Engineering

October 2000
Mitchell Sheinkop: A Journey in Joint Replacement

September 2000
Dr. Kenneth Zaslav: Applying New Techniques to Cartilage Repair

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