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November 30, 2020  
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Topic Title: Degenerative Disk Disease
Created On: 05/11/2002 11:27 PM
 04/04/2004 02:38 PM

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hi my name is lori .i have been struggling for years with my injury. i feel down a few stairs and my neck has been injured.i have 4 interverted disc in my neck. t1-t2-c5-c6disc .the disc seem to control my live with a vengines.everydayi have chronic and so severe it has put me in a electric wheel chair.i get numbnessin my arms and my legs i feel weak everyday and i hurt so much i can barely walk.the bottoms of my feet feel like i'm walking on knives.when i saw my nerosurgeons,4 of them they all said to get my affairs in order because i wouldn't make through the surgery.i would have to fight off all lot of diseases like pnmonia,menigitist.and there is no way around being parallized from the neck down thats if i make through the surgury. since then i have tried to get others to look at my neck and they all say the same thing sorry we can't help you.with all the tecnology thats out their you would think that someone might be able to help me.having this injury controls my whole life i can't do a lot of things that i could do before. like walk with my boys to the park and play outdoor games with doctor has me on alot of pain medications it hard to stay alert and it's hard to go out myself.i have to depend on my sons and my husband. thanks to them i don't know what i would do thanks for listening.
 02/29/2004 08:11 PM

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Is there anything I could try other than physical therapy to help or cure the pain in my lower back before I try Prolotherapy? I have a son who is almost 2 and it hurts to just pick him up.
 09/09/2003 08:32 PM

Author Icon

You are a young person- do yourself a favor and steer away from surgery until after you have tried everything else. DDD is not the end of the world. In fact, it is not the cause of pain in many people who have DDD. A recent medical study of several hundred people in their 40's and 50's with no reported back problems found that over 50% of them had DDD, a natural part of aging. So, when you go to the doctor, he gets x-rays and pronounces you have DDD, he assumes that is the cause of your pain, but there is a better than 50% chance he is wrong, and your pain comes from something else. See my new posting that references PROLOTHERAPY - you may be a candidate for this simple effective procedure, and a doctor that specializes in it would be able to evaluate whether the treatment suits you or not- it is not a cure-all for every sore back, but because you are young, please check it out. You did not mention whether you were active in sports like hockey or football- if you were, your chances of having a condition curable by prolotherapy is good. Like I noted in the posting, it saved my life, and I'm 53, all banged up from a lifetime of intense sports. Younger patients respond even better to the treatment.....good luck!
 09/03/2003 11:47 PM

Author Icon

Boy, does this sound familiar! I wrecked my back overdoing it with sports and am paying the price.DO NOT ASSUME YOUR PROBLEMS STEM ONLY FROM THE DISKS ! Over half of us aging athletes have more trouble from damaged ligaments in the S.I. joint area and multifidus muscle group than from discs, even in people who obviously have degenerative disk disease seen on x-rays.If you were an active athletic person, I'll bet most of your problem stems from other unstable areas that were damaged in sporting activities by your body adapting to the ongoing disk problem. In other words-- see a doctor that specializes in sports injuries and who can look past the obvious x- ray indicated ddd for other problem areas. I, too have ddd, but have had great relief from PROLOTHERAPY and specific exercises to heal up the damage caused by my muscles and ligaments responding to the spinal instability. It is worth a try ! I spent 9 painful years going to doctors and physios before finding out about prolotherapy. It changed my life. I went from barely being able to walk to being able to ski again,bike, hike,etc., and developed strong core strength and balance. After 2 years of no pain, I'm down again with more disk problems, but will rebound like before. It ain't perfect, but it's a sight better than a wheelchair, which is where I was surely headed. GOOD LUCK, BE TOUGH, NOBODY CAN DO IT FOR YOU !
 04/03/2003 06:40 AM

Author Icon

I am currently 42 years old, but have had back pain for over 25 years. Five years ago, I was involved in a car accident. I had already been visiting a chiropractor on a regular basis, so used chiropractic after the accident. It wasn't quite doing the job, so I sought the help of a "back specialist". That's when I was diagnosed. He told me that my DDD was so widespread, surgery wasn't an option. But, what has helped tremendously is WATER AEROBICS! This allows you to exercise and stretch without the stress from gravity. I've been going to the pool three times a week for eight years. Not only do I get to exercise, but I've formed a group of friends, all with problems of one sort or another. When the family doesn't understand my pain, they do. It really helps to have some sort of support group. I've recently lost fifty pounds (with more to go) and am finding that my back hurts more now than when I was heavier. Any thoughts? Good luck to everybody suffering with this. Personally, I'll fight it as long as I can. I still garden as much as possible, although I usually pay for it the next day.
 01/26/2003 10:17 PM

Author Icon

My brother is 37 years old and has several ruptured disk in his back and takes oxcycoton for pain. He says that the pain is unbearable if he does not take the medication. He has lost weight over the few years on the medicine and he is aging faster then normal and I am very concerned for his well being. can anyone tell me if there are alternatives to the medication for his condition. Can anyone tell me what will happen to a person taking oxcycoton daily. I am so worried that the medication is going to take his life.
 01/02/2003 06:06 AM

Author Icon

I would discourage anyone who has not exhausted any alternative procedures from having a spinal fusion done. Especially if you are in a younger age and aspire for a physical fitness - it most likely will make your problems even worse. I'd been talked into having c5-c6 vertebrae fusion done 6 yrs ago when I was 35 and it just made things worse. Later on I found out that my back and neck pain was mostly due to a functional scoliosis which could had been corrected by a proper exercise routine. In past 4 years I ve developed streching and exercising routine to relieve my back pain and balance my twisted spine, pevlis and neck,i exercise several hours daily, had to change my daily routines quite a bit, but i can feel that it's getting results and is very much worth it. If it wasn't for that hasty decision i made more than 6 years ago (when i was quite desperate from too much back pain i thought would never go away) i am sure that without that silly surgery i could have been a healthier and happier man.
 12/19/2002 09:21 AM

Author Icon

I too have degenerative disk disease-actually I just found out yesterday. I also have spondolylithesis in which I had a back fusion in 1997. The fusion certainly lessened my back pain but it did not go away. I'm 28 years old and just had my second child in two years in September, which has done nothing for my back. I would recommend that you wait until your children stop wanting to be carried before the back surgery as it will be awhile before you are allowed to lift, and that of course, is dependant on how well you heal. Surgery can certainly be helpful but it isn't a cureall. Exercise and proper stretching has helped me a lot. One other bit of advice, be sure you get a second and even third opinion about back surgery.
 11/13/2002 11:58 AM

Author Icon

Hi. I am 24 and have been diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease. I also have tried thereapy, massage, medication and steroid injections. None of this seems to be working and I'm weighing the pros and cons of diskectomy and vertebrae fusion. I'd like to get some feedback from people who have had this surgery and whether or not it made an improvment over quality of life and pain level, etc. I am concerned over being too physically limited post-surgery since I do have a 2 year old son and one on the way, and had plans on entering the fire service upon discharge from the military. Any comments anyone can provide would be very appreciated. Thanks.
 10/07/2002 05:31 PM

Author Icon

Hi I was diagnose with DDD over 1 1/2 years ago. I had been having lower Back Pain for years and was given medication- sent to physical therapy -told I wasn't stretching enough or exercising enough. Of course the more I exercised and stretched the worst my back was. i took my healh in my own hands and told the dr that I wanted an ex ray done to determine the exact problem. It was evident that a disk had deteriated. Therapy and Spinal injections were tried - no positive results. I had a diskectomy in May 2001 on L5. Initailly I was doing very well healing. In sept of 2001 I began having other symptoms not related to the DDD. I experienced pain in my knees, inflammation in my finger joints (mainly in right hand) tendinitis in both elbows and more severe Back Pain. I have tried Drugs, of course, ( always seems to be drs first choice) Massage, Therapy. Has anyone else experience these secondary symptoms and have you been able to determine cause. I have been to a nutrionist (MD andOD) recently and am starting an Elimination Diet to determine if these pains may be related to food intolerance. Wouldn't that be wonderful if that was the problem? Others who have had a diskectomy - what type of pain did you experience over the years? should I expect continued pain due to the DDD? My back muscles ( primarily the lower and butt muscles) stay in spasm and limit my ability to do alot. Also my leg muscles stay in spasm. Any comments - thoughts - experiences would be tremendously appreciated! Thanks- Keep up the fight
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