BD Bard Genzyme Diagnostics KCI St. Jude Medical Kodak BD Ethicon Ethicon Ethicon Ethicon Ethicon Endosurgery Acne ADHD/ADD AIDS/HIV Alcoholism Allergies Alzheimer's Disease Amytropic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Anemia Aneurysm Angina Anorexia Nervosa Anthrax Anxiety Disorders Aortic Valve Stenosis Aphasia Appendicitis Arrhythmia Arterial Embolism Arthritis Asthma Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T) Atherosclerosis Atrial Fibrillation Atrial Septal Defect Autism Back Pain Barrett's Esophagus Bell's Palsy Bipolar Disorder Blindness Blood Clot Bone Metastasis Brain Cancer Breast Cancer Bronchitis Bulimia Nervosa Burns Cardiac Arrest Cardiac Ischemia Cardiomyopathy Carotid Artery Disease Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cataracts Celiac disease Cerebral Abscess Cerebral Palsy (CP) Cervical Cancer Cervical Dysplasia Chicken Pox Childbirth Chlamydia Cholesterol Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Kidney Disease Chronic Pain Cirrhosis Coarctation of the Aorta Cold Sores Colorectal Cancer Common Warts Congenital Heart Disorders Congestive Heart Failure Constipation Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) Crohn’s Disease Croup Cystic Fibrosis Degenerative Disk Disease Dental Problems Depression Diabetes Diabetic Foot Ulcers Diptheria Diverticulitis Down Syndrome Dry Skin Ear Infections (Otitis Media) Emphysema Encephalitis Endocarditis Endometriosis Epilepsy Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Fainting Farsightedness Fibroids Fibromyalgia Fifth Disease First-Degree Burn (Superficial Burn) Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) Fracture Frostbite Gallstones Gas Glaucoma Gonorrhea Gout Graves' Disease Hay Fever Hearing Loss Heart Attack Heart Disease (CAD) Heart Failure Heart Murmur Heart Valve Disease Heartburn/GERD Hemophilia Hemorrhoids Hepatitis (Chronic and Acute) Hernia High Blood Pressure Hodgkin's Disease Huntington's Disease Hyperprolactinemia Hypothermia Impotence Indigestion Infertility in Women Influenza Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS) Kidney Disease Kidney Stones Laryngitis Leukemia Liver Cancer Lung Cancer Lupus Erythematosus Lyme Disease Macular Degeneration Manic Depression Marfan Syndrome Mastoiditis Measles Medulloblastoma Melanoma Menopause Migraine Multiple Myeloma Multiple Sclerosis Mumps Muscular Dystrophy Myasthenia Gravis (MG) Myocarditis Narcolepsy Nearsightedness Neurofibromatosis Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Obesity Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Ovarian Cancer Ovarian Cysts Pancreatic Cancer Pancreatitis Parkinson's Disease Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) Pericarditis Peripheral Neuropathy Peripheral Vascular Disease Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Plantar Warts Pneumonia Polio Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Pregnancy Pressure Ulcers Prostate Cancer Prostate Enlargement Psoriasis Pulmonary Valve Stenosis Raynaud's Phenomenon Rheumatoid Arthritis Rift Valley Fever Roseola Rubella Scars (Hypertrophic) Scars (Keloid) Schizophrenia Sciatica Scoliosis Second-Degree Burn (Partial Thickness Burn) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Shock Sickle Cell Anemia Sjogren's Syndrome Skin Cancer Skin Care and Aging Sleep Apnea Sleep Disorders Smoking Spinal Cord Injury Stroke Stuttering Sudden Cardiac Arrest Testicular Cancer Tetanus Thalassemia Third-Degree Burn (Full Thickness Burn) Thyroid Disease/Nodules Tracheitis Tuberculosis Ulcers Urinary Incontinence Urinary tract infection (UTI) Vaginitis Venous Leg Ulcers Ventricular Fibrillation Ventricular Septal Defect Vitiligo West Nile Virus 3-D Imaging Absorptiometry Albumin ALP Alpha-Fetoprotein test (AFP) ALT Alternate Cover Testing Amniocentesis Amsler Grid Amylase ANA (Anti-Nuclear Antibodies) Angiography Arthroscopy AST Auto Pap Barium Enema Basic Metabolic Panel Bilirubin Biopsies Bleeding Time Test Blood Gas Test Blood Pressure Test Blood Sugar Monitoring Blood Test Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Body Mass Index Body Plethysmography Bone Markers Bone Marrow Aspiration Bone Mineral Density Tests Bone Scan Breast Ultrasound Bronchial Provocation Test Bronchoscopy C-reactive Protein (CRP) CA-125 Blood Test Caloric Test Capnography Cardiac Catheterization CD4 T-Cell counts Chem-20 Chloride Cholecystography Cholescintigraphy Cholesterol Blood Tests Chronic Villus Sampling CK Clinical breast examination Cold cone biopsy Colonoscopy Color Vision Testing Colposcopy-directed biopsy Complete Blood Count (CBC) Computed Tomography (CT Scan) Contrast Acuity Core Needle Biopsy Corneal Cell Count Corneal Topography Cover Testing Creatnine Culdocentesis Culture DEXA-scan Digital Mammography Dilatation & Curettage DNA Testing Dolorimeter Ductogram Echocardiogram Ejection Fraction (EF) Test Electrocardiogram (ECG) Electroencephalogram (EEG) Electrolyte Panel Electromyogram (EMG) Electronic Beam Tomography (EBT) Electrophysiology Studies (EPS) Elimination Diet ELISA Test Endometrial biopsy Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography Endoscopy Enteroclysis Esophageal pH Probe Study Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) Evoked potential tests Eye Angiography Eye Drop Test Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) Fibrinogen level Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) Fluorescein angiography Fluoroscopy Genetic Testing Glucose hCG Hematocrit Hemoglobin Hemoglobin A1c Hepatitis A Blood Tests Hepatitis B Blood Tests Hirschberg Test HIV home tests HIV Resistance Testing Holter Electrocardiogram (ECG) Home dipstick urine test HPV Test Hysterosalpingography Image-guided Breast Biopsy Immune System Tests Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP) KAI-1 Tumor Marker Test Kidney Biopsy Laparoscopy LDH Lip Biopsy Lipoprotein profile Liver biopsy Liver Panel Lower GI Series Lumbar Puncture Lung Scan (Ventilation-Perfusion Scan) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Mammography Manometry Maternal Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein (MSAFP) Mediastinoscopy MUGA scan Muscle Biopsy Myelography Nasopharyngeal Culture Needle Biopsy of the Lung Nipple Discharge Examination Non-invasive Diagnostics for Heart Problems Nuclear Scanning Open Lung Biopsy Oxygen Saturation Test Pap smear PAPNET Pelvic Exam Pelvic Ultrasound Pericardiocentesis Pericutaneous Umbilical Blood Sampling (PUBS) Plasma Renin Activity (PRA) Test Pleural Fluid Sampling (Thoracentesis) Polysomnography Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Prolactin Prothrombin time PSA Test PTT Pulmonary Function Test Pulse Oximetry Pulse Volume Recordings (PVRs) Quantitative Computerized Tomography (QCT) Radioactive Iodine Scan Radionuclide Scanning RAST Rectal Exam Refraction test Rheumatoid Factor (RF) Rubella Screen Schirmer Testing Sedimentation Rate Semen Analysis Serum Progesterone Sigmoidoscopy Signal-Averaged Electrocardiogram (SAECG) Skin Biopsy Skin Tests Sodium Level Spinal Tap Sputum culture Sputum Cytology Stress Test Surgical biopsy Sweat Test T lymphocyte count (T-Cell Count) T4 TB Test Tear Break-Up Time (TBUT) Testicular Biopsy ThinPrep ® pap(tm) Throat Culture Thyroid Scan Tilt Table Tests Tonometry Transesophageal Echocardiography Triglycerides TSH Tympanometry Ultrasound Upper Endoscopy Upper GI Series Urine Tests Uroflowmetry Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) Viral Load Count Visual Field Test Weight-for-Height Chart Western Blot X-Ray Alternative Pain Treatments Angioplasty Antacid Antiangiogenic therapy Antrectomy Appendectomy Arthrodesis Arthroplasty Arthroscopy Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI) Balloon Dilation Valvuloplasty Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Bowel Resection Brachytherapy Calcium Supplements Cardioversion Carpal Tunnel Release Cataract Surgery Catheter Ablation Chelation Therapy Chemotherapy Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer Chest Physiotherapy (CPT) Cholecystectomy Colostomy Continuous Positive Airway Passage (CPAP) Cornea Implants Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Cryosurgery Defibrillation Digitalis Digoxin Dilatation & Curettage Dorsal root rhizotomy Drug treatments for stroke Electroconvulsive Therapy Endoscopic Suturing Estrogen Replacement Estrogen Replacement Therapy Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) Factor VIII Infusions Flu Shots Fundoplication Gastric Bypass Gliadel Wafers Glucose Testing H2 Blockers Hearing Aids Heart and Lung Transplant Heart Transplant Heart Valve Repair Heart Valve Replacement Hemodialysis High-dose Chemotherapy with Transplant Hormone Therapy - Testosterone Hormone therapy for Breast Cancer Hysterectomy Insulin Intrathecal Relief Kidney Stone Surgery Kidney Transplant Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Laser Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP) Laser Eye Surgery Laser Photocoagulation Laser Surgery for Glaucoma Liver Transplant Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) Lung Cancer Surgery Maze Procedure Moist Wound Dressings Myringotomy Oral Devices Pacemaker Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) Pericardiocentesis Peritoneal dialysis PUVA Pyloroplasty Radial keratotomy Radiation Therapy Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer Radical Hysterectomy Scar Revision Sclerotherapy Silver Sulfadiazine Dressings Skin Graft Somnoplasty Splints Stent Steroid Treatment for Psoriasis Suctioning Blisters Surgical Treatments for Breast Cancer Temporary Skin Substitute Trabeculectomy Trabeculoplasty Tracheostomy Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation Transdermal Medication Transurethral Incision of the Prostate (TUIP) Transurethral Needle Ablation Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP) TVT System Ultra thin epidermal grafting Ultrasound Uvulopalatopharngoplasty (UPPP) Vagotomy Viread Web Technology to Offer Further Mental Health Support Sweat Powers Tattoo Biobatteries While You Exercise Activity Trackers Could be Beneficial for Older Adults Diseases Diagnosed by 'Smart' Holograms Fruit flies make good stand-ins for humans in diabetes treatment tests Controlled insulin delivery via injectable 'smart sponge' Ground-Breaking New Method To 'Starve' Cancer Cells Researchers Identify Novel Approach To Create Red Blood Cells Replacing Endoscopy With Pill-Sized Device Could Allow Broader Screening For Esophageal Cancer Quick Detection Of Periodontitis Pathogens Virtual Hearts Help Us To Understand Real-World Patients Stanford engineers create wireless, self-propelled medical device A Bandage That Spurs and Guides Blood Vessel Growth 3-D Printer Makes Bone-Like Material Silk Spun By Hybrid Silkworms Could Improve Sutures, Artificial Limbs And More One Size Does Not Fit All for Knee Replacements and Other Medical Devices Nanotechnology Sensor Could Lead to Earlier diagnosis for Lung Cancer A Potential Vaccine for Cancer Modified Oxygen-Delivery Device Could Lower Infant Mortality Rates FDA Clears Idaho Technology-Developed Q Fever Test Simple Test Aids Fight Against Malaria Optical microscope without lenses produces high-resolution 3-D images on a chip Purify Water with Banana Peels Instead of Machines Sometimes the Best Medical Technology is the Simplest Life-Saving Modern Technology Offers New Tool To Battle Cholera In Haiti Revolutionary Device Reduces Seizure Frequency in Epileptics Inner Workings Of The Brain Probed By Virus "Explorers" Harnessing The Immune System's Diagnostic Power Going for Gold With a Novel Interventional Radiology Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer Foam Bones: A New Generation of Biomedical Implants Tongue-Controlled Wheelchair Holds Hope for the Quadriplegics and Others Touch Bionics Unveils World's First Bionic Finger Can ‘Report Cards’ on Clinics Improve Patient Care? New Lung Cancer Test Promises More Accurate Treatment, Improved Outcomes "Lab on a Chip" for Oral Cancer Shows Promise New For Varicose Veins: Radiofrequency, Laser and Sclerotherapy Some Severely Depressed Patients Get Lift from Implantable Device Cancer Nanotechnology: A New Frontier “Only a Miracle:” More On Cochlear Implants “Only a Miracle:” Cochlear Implants Restore Hearing Bird Flu, Revisited MultiCell Technologies Announces Prospective Colorectal Cancer Treatment Drug Gene found for rare disorder may reveal new pathway in mental retardation Molecular Medicine: Micro-Level Treatment May Lead to Big Gains for Patients with Common Form of Leukemia Researchers Identify Switch That Could Turn Off Chronic Pain Unexpected Discovery a Cancer ‘Master Switch’? Hospitals Going Green a Win-Win Move Bolstering Medical Treatment with Mindful Stress Reduction Nanotechnology Poised to Revolutionize Medicine and Life? Prolene Mesh Increases Longevity of Urinary Stress Incontinence Surgery Superbugs Beware New Gum Could Prevent Oral Cancer Saving Millions of Birds with One Vaccine New Procedure Offers Hope for Asthmatics Popular Asthma Meds May Increase Risk of Asthma-Related Death Proteins Key to Cell Death in Heart and Degenerative Conditions Excess Acetaminophen Spells Trouble for Our Livers Schools, Asthma and Perfume: There’s Something in the Air Digital Vices Cause Damage Medical Outsourcing Debate Grows Multimillion-Dollar Demand + Lack of Adequate Regulation = Scandal Endocrinologists Square Off on Treating Hypothyroidism Concern Grows over Mercury in Tuna Using Alcohol-Based Hand Gel Prevents Sniffles from Becoming a Family Affair The Mystique of Ginseng St. John’s Wort – Effective in Treating Depression? Medical Profession Under Assault – Part Three Medical Profession Under Assault - Part Two Medical Profession Under Assault Cancer Program Integrates Conventional and Alternative Medicine Going out Green – Boomers Reinvent the Funeral Industry Dr. Death Raises Issues of Accountability The Dutch Debate Euthanasia for Infants FDA approves Lyrica for treatment of Neuropathic Pain Up in Smoke – Medical Marijuana Update Help without Hurt – Pain Free Shots Titanium Debris Damages Artificial Joints Cluster Headache Radiosurgery Less Successful, More Dangerous New Drug for Leukemia Patients Docs to go Digital? First American Benefits From Experimental Stem Cell Surgery in Portugal Physicians Relying on PDA’s to Help Manage Patient Care Stents Key to Corporate Merger New Discovery on HIV/AIDS Leaves One Carrier Guarded At-Home Breast Cancer Detector Tested Study Indicates Cancer Drugs Getting Safer Analysis of Presidential Candidates' Health Care Plans Ford Hospital Telecasts Surgery to India Ohio Clinic Plans Human Face Transplant Diarrheal Disease Vaccine Shows Promise Canadians Seek Ban on U.S. Drug Shopping Elderly Urged to Get Pneumonia Vaccine Thousands Line Up for Dwindling Flu Shots Reeve Championed Spinal Cord Research Americans Win Nobel for Medicine Flu Vaccine Maker’s Shipments Suspended Patient Dies After Surgery Telecast Live Fertility Clinics Vary on Embryo Disposal FDA OKs Lens Implant for Nearsightedness Chickenpox Shots Lead to $100M Savings FDA OKs Ore. Doctor’s Use of Catheter Iacocca Unveils Diabetes Testing Campaign Making Weight Loss Surgery Safer Explored Stem Cells to Take Focus at DNC Diagnostic Labs Needed in AIDS Fight New Doctors Practice on Virtual Patients Device Could Help Global AIDS Treatment Many Women Get Needless Pap Tests Researchers Invent Diabetes Test Device Senators Seek Looser Stem Cell Rules Demand for Obesity Surgery Slowly Expands Britain Opens National Stem-Cell Bank Doctors Use New Cervical Cancer Technique Lab Creates Babies As Stem-Cell Donors Silicon to Be Used in Liver Cancer Trials New Gene Testing Method Can Speed Results Advanced Scanning Being Used for Autism Cord Blood Banking Industry Flourishes Rare Transplants Keep Some Babies Alive Panel: New Technology Affects Health Costs What to Expect When Receiving Colonoscopy Embryo Produced From Frozen Ovarian Tissue FDA OKs First-Of-A-Kind Colon Cancer Drug Scientists Study How to Keep Brain Awake Brain Scans Being Used to Study Dyslexia Tiny Medical Corkscrew Can Stop Strokes Study Probes Cancer Risk of X-Rays, Scans BD Products Take the "Ouch!" out of the Blood Collection Process Compound May Improve Treatment for Asthma Study: Laparoscopic Appendectomies Better Study: Virtual Colonoscopy More Accurate Pill Helps Doctors See Digestive Tract UV Lamps Could Reduce Worker Sickness FDA Approves Third Pill for Impotence Pfizer Offering Free Eye Antibiotic Groups Warn Against Mobile Eye Clinics Insured Patients Use of ERs Increasing New Device May Aid in Stroke Recovery Birth Defects Center to Open in Dallas MRI Pioneers Win Nobel Prize in Medicine Study: Vibrating Insoles May Help Elderly Robot Helps Doctors With Patients Test May Give Early Alzheimer’s Detection Rabbit Eggs Used to Grow Human Stem Cells MedImmune Unveils Needle-Free Flu Vaccine Bacteria May Show Promise in AIDS Fight Battling Misery: A five-cent device leads the global fight against preventable infections. Stair-Climbing Wheelchair Gets FDA's OK Study to Rate Methods of Kidney Storage Progress Reported Vs. Lou Gehrig's Disease Doctors Perform Triple-Kidney Swap Hospitals Accused of Skewing Transplants FDA OKs New Device to Manage Diabetes Colon Cancer Screenings Spark Debate Implant Saves Kids’ Legs From Bone Cancer AMA Pushes Bioterror Preparedness Effort Digital X-Ray Can Scan Body in 13 Seconds Feds Say Tests for West Nile to Be Ready Reduced Daily Eye Patching Effectively Treats Eye Disorder Man Gets Triple Transplant From One Donor Antisense Drug May Be Making a Comeback Hormone-Drug Combo May Help Bone Density Researchers Race to Patent SARS Virus U.S. Labs to Get Experimental SARS Tests Routine Mammograms Can Lower Death Risk New Contact Lens May Measure Glucose Required Eye Exams Revealing Kids’ Ills Spine-Fracture Treatment Shows Some Risks Christopher Reeve Breathes Easier After Surgery Artificial Liver Undergoes Trial Tests FDA OKS Version of Hormone Therapy Drug Peanut Allergy Treatment Is Developed Study: Caesarean Lowers Incontinence Risk Implant in Scalp Can Zap Headaches Promising New AIDS Drugs on the Horizon Study Looks at Effects of Medical Mistakes #1 - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) #2 - Balloon Angioplasty #3 - Mammography #4 - Cataract Extraction #5 - Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting #6 - Hip and Knee Replacement #7 - Ultrasonography #8 - Gastrointestinal Endoscopy BD and UNICEF Partner to Aid Developing World #9 -Inhaled Steroids for Asthma #10 - Laparoscopic Surgery #11 - Progress in HIV Treatment #12 - Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Testing #13 - H. pylori Diagnostics and Treatments #14 - Bone Densitometry #15 - Bone Marrow Transplants Implantable Defibrillators May Help Heart Patients Researchers Hail New Pacemaker FDA Speaks Out on Emergency Preparedness Coverage Sought for Cancer Screening Heart Drugs Might Help Treat Apnea Doctors Want Defibrillators in Homes New Screening Test for Colon Cancer Blood Banks Create Disaster Plan Abiomed Removes Artificial Heart Part FDA OKs Saliva-Based Ovulation Test Brain Scans May Help MS Diagnosis Use of Parkinson's Implant Expanded Trials Start for Diabetes Treatment New Spine Device Could Benefit Sufferers of Back Pain Researchers Develop Alzheimer's Test Heart May Be Able to Repair Itself FDA Approves Net Monitor Device for Defribillators MRI Test Could Replace Angiograms Government Approves Wearable Defibrillator Vaccine May Protect Millions Against Malaria Infection Postmenopausal Women at Risk for Bone Disease First Artificial Heart Recipient, Robert Tools, Dies at 59 U.S. to Buy 155M Doses of Smallpox Vaccine FDA Approves Controversial Scar-Reducing Gel New Down Syndrome Test Could Improve Detection New Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Gets FDA Approval Anthrax concerns on the rise in America Heart Beats Outside Body in Test Drug-Coated Stents Successful in Two Studies Body1 Remembers Victims Trauma Resources: Coping in the wake of national tragedy Detecting Lung Cancer Bionic Eye in Development Advances in Liposuction Cheney Receives Pacemaker Surgery, Jetson Style Fighting Colorectal Cancer Anti-Nausea Wristwatch Approved for Use by Travelers Pain-Free Biopsy in Development A Smarter Kind of Surgery? TB Tool in the Works Reliable New Test Detects Alzheimer’s Disease Improving on Near-Perfection New Cardiac Device Approved in Europe New Allergy Blood Test Available Soon Evaluate Your Heart Attack Risk No More Stitches Evaluate Your Heart Health Women's Health Expo Focuses on the Future of Health Care Detecting Sexually Transmitted Infections New Defibrillator Aims to Save Lives Watch Your Vital Stats The Urge to Splurge? Need a New Hip? ‘Electronic Nose’ May Easily Detect TB Hormone Device May Ease Menorrhagia Understanding Heart Valve Replacement CT Scans May Improve for Children Swallowing a New Diagnostic Test Vacuum Therapy Approved For Medicare Reimbursement Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer? PET Scan Approved by Medicare Continuous Regional Anesthesia is Changing the Field of Pain Management Maximizing Donor Organs Helmets for Babies? Automated External Defibrillators Save Lives Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsy Is a Popular Option New Implant Can Treat Profound Hearing Loss Information Technology Targets Children with Diabetes Clinical Trials To Become More Inclusive Fix Your Eyes in Less than Twenty Minutes Along Came a Treatment for Spider Veins New Surgical Technology Offers a Solution for Female Stress Incontinence Diseases are Diagnosed and Treated Using Ultrasound Technology Several Treatments Available for Intracranial Aneurysms New Sleep Apnea Treatments Available Telemedicine Intervention Assists Families of High-Risk Newborns University of Washington Leads $10 Million Grant Effort To Grow Human Cardiac Tissue Less Invasive STD Testing Available On-Line Solutions for Chronic Health Care Sufferers New Camera Shines Light on Endoscopic Examinations Going for Gold With a Novel Interventional Radiology Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer Foam Bones: A New Generation of Biomedical Implants Tongue-Controlled Wheelchair Holds Hope for the Quadriplegics and Others Can ‘Report Cards’ on Clinics Improve Patient Care? Going out Green – Boomers Reinvent the Funeral Industry The Dutch Debate Euthanasia for Infants Man Undergoes Web-Arranged Transplant States Launch Prescription Drug Program More Medical Devices Needed for Babies Doctors Ready to Perform Face Transplant FDA OKs New Blood Test for Babies Myeloma Institute Gets $18 Million Grant Hospital Starts Angioplasty First Plan N.C. Hospital Offers Movie With MRI Scan Emergency Room Closures Strain L.A. Anthrax-Vaccinated Blood Taken Study: Tests May Make Donated Tissue Safer Radiation, Drugs Help With Prostate Cancer Scientists Work on Cure for Nerve Disease FDA Approves Device to Clear Blood Clots Computer Games Teach Nutrition to Needy Flu Shot Effective More Than Half the Time Cleveland Clinic Developing Heart Pumps Deaths Raise Fears Over Stomach Stapling FDA Approves Dirty Bomb Antidotes FDA Takes Medical Device Co. to Court Group Neutralizes Allergy-Causing Protein Doctors Place Hope in Baby Pacemakers Ohio Hospital to Open Breast Milk Bank Tracheotomy Tubes Recalled After Deaths Twins From Philippines Are Separated Twins Joined at the Head Have Surgery Hospitals Move Toward Paperless Age Maggots Make Medical Comeback Patients Face Long Wait for Colonoscopies Rush for Colonoscopies Taxes Health Care Firm Asks FDA to OK Home Defibrillators Drug-Coated Stent for Legs to Be Tested Study Finds MRIs Better on Breast Cancer Record Number of Flu Vaccines to Be Made Britain Loosens Rules on Embryo Screening Ind. Patients' Records to Be Online FDA OKs Botox to Curb Underarm Sweating Co. Wants Non-Prescription Defibrillators AIDS Meeting Warns of Global Dangers Illinois to Allow HIV Organ Tansplants Red Cross Issues Urgent Call for Blood Activists Demand Drug Maker Halt AIDS Test Kleenex to Sell Tissue That Kills Viruses Study Shows HIV Test Possible During Labor U.N. Experts Call for Routine HIV Testing France OKs Law Allowing Embryo Research Powell Promotes Prostate Cancer Testing Experts Study Hand, Face Transplant Drugs Tumor Is Removed While Liver Outside Body New Technique to Find Animal Brain Tumors Hospital Uses Pill With Camera Inside Three Transplant Patients Die of Rabies Implanted Device Relieves Man of Hiccups FDA Approves Leeches As Medical Devices More Women Seemingly Choosing C-Sections Government to Expand Use of Oral HIV Test SARS Vaccine Shows Promise in Tests CDC: More People With Cancer Surviving CDC Funds Lyme Disease Research 100M Doses of Flu Shots to Be Available Study: Breast Milk Compound Kills Warts Gene Mutation Found in Muscle Man Toddler Doctors Must Double-Check Before Surgery Study Says Few Women Get Annual Mammograms Cancer May Be Responsible for 'Chemobrain' EPA Gives Grant to Leukemia Cluster Study CDC: Screening Reduces Strep B in Infants Study: Liposuction Won't Improve Health FDA Panel Wants Nerve Stimulator Approved AMA Opposes Feds on Morning-After Pill Infections Seen From Cosmetic Surgeries Scientists Link Molecule, Asthma Therapy Advisers Urge Women to Get Mammograms FDA May Phase Out Certain Asthma Inhalers Researchers Study Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Better Eye Tests Urged for Kids Under 5 Study Examines Deaths at Pediatric ICUs Low-Income Medicare Card Enrollment Slow Many Don't Get Full Dose of Chemo Hospital Fined; MD Lied for Transplants Court Upholds Denial of Stent Injunction Study Finds Flaws in PSA Cancer Tests Artificial Heart Implanted in Ky. Man Nerve Fibers Regrown in Spines of Rats FDA Sets New Rules on Tissue Donation Hospital Offers Quick Down Syndrome Test Government OKs Bone Marrow Medication Diet Device Makes You Take Smaller Bites Medtronic Recalls Insulin Infusion Sets Ear Implants Work Best When Started Young When to Quit Medical Tests Remains Murky Family Sues Over Kidney Transplant Death Study Compares Colon Cancer Surgeries Scientists Find New Way to Attack TB Pregnancy Thryroid Testing Being Debated Telemedicine on Rise in U.S. Military Experts Comment on Angioplasty X-Rays Bill May Let People With HIV Give Organs Morning-After Pill Not OK Over-The-Counter Study Examines Insulin-Producing Cells Silicon to Be Used in Liver Cancer Trials Virus Protein Shells Can Be Broken New Ear Infection Guidelines Released Medicare Drugs Web Site Has Inaccuracies Doctors: 'E-Nose' Can Sniff Out Ailments FDA Finds Possible New Risks of Bowel Drug DNA 'Computer' Able to Detect Cancer FDA Reins in Makers of Pancreatic Enzymes Dental X-Rays Might Lead to Small Babies Study: Inhalant Helps in Lung Translants Genetic Engineering Duo Wins Prize Hospitals Campaign for Organ Donations Woman Gives Twin Ovary for Transplant Mass. Senator Renews Stem Cell Fight Patch Helps New Yorkers Quit Smoking Ky. Hospital to Use Blood Substitute FDA Approves New Parkinson's Drug FDA Panel Cautiously Backs New Stent Study: Diabetics Often Go Without Medicine Study: New Bypass Technique Holds Promise Researchers Warn About Hormone Magnifiers Organ Donors Provide Gift of Life Progress Seen on Male Version of the Pill Medtronic Warns of Defibrillator Problems FDA Warning on Nicotine Patches Cleared Doctors Marvel at Tiny Transplant Survivor Study: Test-Tube Multiple Births Decline FDA Approves Human Brain Implant Devices Researchers Criticize Virtual Colonoscopy 6 Get West Nile From Blood Transfusions Novartis Licensing Technology for Drugs U.S. Recalls Rabies Vaccine for Humans Kits Claim to Help You Choose Baby's Sex Study Links ADHD Drugs to Growth Delays Study Questions Value of Inflammation Test Study: SARS Vaccine Shows Promise in Mice Many Not Having Mammograms Under Medicare WSU to Begin Testing for Mad Cow Disease More Faulty Tests at Maryland Hospital Study: Preemie Lung Treatment Might Harm Doctors: Chemo Could Help People With MS UMass Researchers to Test AIDS Vaccine Baby Girl Survives Eight-Organ Transplant Medicare Weighs Defibrillator Coverage Artificial Heart Closer to U.S. Market Skin Patch Helps Patients Relieve Pain Bill Would Let HIV Patients Donate Organs Emergency Mask for Civilians Approved New Device Helps Reshape Damaged Hearts Panel: Organ Donors Should Know Risks Study Suggests Ovaries Can Be Recharged New Knee Surgery Offers Speedy Recovery At-Home Device Would Check Blood Thinning Tracking Hospital Infections Low Priority Drug-Coated Stents Aid Angioplasties Iraq War Amputees Get New Limbs, New Life New Children's Heart Pump May Save Lives Boston Scientific's New Stent Is Approved Abiocor Heart Implanted in 12th Patient Scientists Retract Vaccine-Autism Link MedImmune Plans to Keep FluMist Alive Insomnia Drug Gets Tentative Approval Experts Urge Tools for Women's Health Report: Harvard Plans Stem Cell Center Study May Bring Sickle Cell Breakthrough Study: Monkey's Protein Prevents HIV FDA Requiring Bar Codes on Hospital Drugs FDA Puts Hold on Mich. Infant Supplement 10 Nations Take Part in Anti-Polio Drive Monitoring Own Blood Pressure May Help Scientists Test Potential of Bird Flu Chemical PBDE Showing Up in Breast Milk J&J, Guidant to Co-Promote Heart Stents Mich. Hospital Trying to Eliminate Errors Bush Unveils Plan in Fight Against AIDS Panel Presents Report on Leukemia Cluster Nations to Discuss Biotech Safety Rules Conjoined Twins Undergoing 3rd Operation E-Mail Used to Alert of STD Exposure Experimental Vaccine May Stop Lung Cancer Artificial Blood Tested Without Consent Flu Vaccine Change Set for Next Year Small Babies Augur Later Stillborn Risk New Test Could Fine-Tune Antibiotic Use HIV Growth Rates Surge in Russia, Ukraine Tests Suggest Some Predisposed to Smoke Germany Launches HIV/AIDS Vaccine Trial Woman Endures Surgeries to Lengthen Limbs FDA Postpones Morning-After Pill Decision Docs Aim to Reduce Blood Infection Deaths Gates Fund Donates $82.9M for TB Shots U.S.: Bird Flu Vaccine Could Be Produced Stem Cell Procedure Mixes New, Old Ways Researchers Make Cloning Breakthrough Charity Gets Breast Cancer Gene Patent Stopping Newborn AIDS May Harm Mothers Infant Girl Dies After 2nd Head Removed Surgeons Remove Second Head From Infant Team Seeks Reassurance on Polio Vaccine Tiny Medical Corkscrew Can Stop Strokes Study Assesses Birth Risks After C-Section U.N. OKs Limited Bird Flu Vaccinations FDA OKs Drug for Asbestos-Related Cancer Boy, Girl Born From 12-Year-Old Embryos Protein May Be Linked to Colon Cancer Homocysteine Level Eyed in Stroke Study HRT Trial Halted Because of Cancer Risk FDA OKs Inhaler for Pulmonary Problems Blood Patterns May Help Spot Cancer Early Man Gets $108,000 From Fertility Clinic School Uses Cells From Aborted Fetuses Conjoined Twin Girls Die in Texas Researchers Identify Tremor Disorder FDA Approves Drug to Help Sleep Disorders Bird Flu Vaccine Not Likely for 6 Months Hand Transplant Recipient Doing Well Surgery on 176-Pound Tumor Is Successful FluMist to Be Donated to Health Agencies More Tissue Banks Must Register With FDA WHO Seeks New Vaccine for Bird Flu Radiation May Help After Cancer Surgery Cancer Treatment Gets Mixed Review Ky. Man Tells of Life With Heart Device NYC Hospital Resumes Liver Transplants Study Links Leukemia, Gene Combination Nations Plan on 250M Polio Immunizations Swedes Testing New Steroid Detection Kit Mass. Panel to Probe Obesity Surgery Antibiotics May Help Stop Stomach Cancer Boston Creates Center for Patient Safety Compound May Improve Treatment for Asthma Experts Seek Analysis of Human Mad Cow U.K. Further Restricts Embryo Implants Synthetic Venom May Relieve Cancer Pain N.C. Surgeons Work to Correct Eye Disease FDA OKs U.S. Sale of 10-Minute HIV Test Mont. Officials Promote Organ Donation Red Cross Issues Blood Donation Appeal N.H. Scientists Examine Meningitis Cases R.I. Hospital to Resume Stomach Procedure Chemo-Stem Cell Combo Fights Bone Cancer Study: Sugar Can Ease McArdle's Disease FDA Warns Public of Illegal Flu Vaccine PET/CT Scans Praised in Cancer Study FDA Dismisses Two Breast Implant Petitions Accrediting Body Outlines Pap Procedures China Hospitals Hand in SARS Lab Samples Ex-Doctor Claims Pap Tests Were Falsified FDA to Debate Morning-After Prescription Mich. Health Center Offers Body Scans Possible Ebola Treatment Shows Promise Early Treatment Can Help Babies' Eyes Flu Shot Shortage May Raise FluMist Sales States Teach Organ Donation in Drivers Ed Two Flu Shot Makers Run Out of Vaccine N.Y. Panel OKs New Liver Transplant Rules New Test May Help Breast Cancer Patients Doctors Praise FCC-Banned Heart Device Batch of Sleep Apnea Masks Recalled EU Fails to Agree on Stem Cell Funding Study Questions Some PSA Prostate Tests Study Finds Pancreas Transplants Riskier Value of Prostate Blood Test Examined Popularity of Obesity Surgery Increases Scientists Get Images of West Nile Virus Popularity of Obesity Surgery Growing New Discovery on HIV AIDS Leaves One Carrier Guarded Study: First Caesarean Increases Risk Study: Nitric Oxide Helps Some Preemies Cuba Develops Cheaper Meningitis Vaccine Genentech's New Cancer Drug Stumbles Calif. Boy Dies After Stem Cell Transplant Funding Limits Don't Slow Cell Research Heart Technique Reportedly Lessens Pain Speciality Hospitals Face Clampdown FDA Moves to Allay Concerns Over Stent FDA Approves Drug for Prostate Cancer Swedish Woman Gets 6 Organs Transplanted Surgeons Finish Conjoined Boys' Operation Nurse Dies During Weight-Reduction Surgery Panel Suggests Electronic Health Records FDA May Require Tests for Drugs for Kids Human Trials Start on Ebola Vaccine Instant Screening of Newborns Urged Ore. Judge Rejects Life Support Request Egyptian Twins Await Skull Reconstruction Simple Test Helps Identify Lung Killer Diabetes in Developing Nations May Double Study: Lowest Is Best for Bad Cholesterol Company Says Baby Formula Lacked Vitamin Panel Slams Use of Approved Stem Cells Canada Cracks Down on Drugs for Americans Study Clears Vaccines Containing Mercury Team Creates Vaccine-Evading Mousepox Virus Pill Better at Blocking Organ Rejection Nigeria to Test Polio Vaccines for HIV New Stem Cell Lines to Be Made Available FDA Issues Warning on Stent Side Effect CDC Focuses on Public Health Threats Experts Organize SARS Treatment Strategy Separated Egyptian Twins Breathing on Own SARS Experts Want Tighter Testing Process Researchers Isolate Degenerative Eye Gene Second Separated Twin Now Breathes on Own U.S. Doctors Do More Breast Cancer Tests Doctors Take One Twin Off Ventilator FDA Panel Recommends Lifting Silicone Ban Youngest Robotic Surgery Patient Recovers FDA Mulls Silicone-Gel Breast Implants Success Reported in New Fertility Method Conjoined Twins From Egypt Separated Stomach 'Pacemaker' May Suppress Appetite Twins 'Doing Well' in Separation Surgery Egyptian Twins in Separation Surgery Down Syndrome Test Combo Shows Promise N.C. Teen Gets Drug for Fabry's Disease Male Contraceptive Results Show Promise AIDS Vaccine Trials Now Include Humans Lawmakers to Defray E-Prescription Costs Experimental Lung Cancer Drug Flops VaxGen Wins Anthrax Vaccine Contract British Women Lose Frozen Embryos Case Anthrax Antidotes Slow to Arrive N.C. Approves Sterilization Compensation Mail Irradiation Part of Anthrax Legacy Technology May Deter Counterfeit Drugs Duke Hospital Comes Up With Safety Plan Flu Shot Supply Expected to Be Plentiful Test-Tube Baby Meets Her First Doctor Beat the Flu This Year With Nasal Spray Gene Linked to Stroke Risk Is Identified Reservations Complicate Organ Transplant FDA OKs New Type of Skin Care Antibiotic Sugar May Extend Life of Blood Platelets Doctors Separate Girls Joined at Stomach Medtronic: Insulin Pumps Not Waterproof Parents Say in Vitro Costly, but Worth It FDA Approves New Birth-Control Pill Ore. Man Survives Two Heart Transplants Schools to Develop Bioterrorism Vaccines Researchers to Hand Out SARS Test Kits Group Tests Uranium for Battling Cancer Anthrax Vaccine Undergoes Early Tests Price of Heart Device May Mean Rationing Blood Pressure Drug Eyed in Heart Study Drug OK'd to Reduce Spread of Herpes Ground Zero Workers' Health Woes Persist West Nile Vaccine Prevents Bird Deaths Various Tissues Used to Rebuild Heart Drug May Help Heart Transplant Patients Women Turn to New Breast Cancer Treatment Blind Man's Restored Vision Is Studied Human Tongue Transplant Patient Released Newlywed Gets Transplant From Husband Study Praises Angioplasty Effectiveness Indian Co. Working on New Anthrax Vaccine West Nile Monkey Vaccine Shows Promise Parkinson's Gene Therapy Study Begins Doctors Promote Experimental Heart Pump Smallpox Shot May Retain Lengthy Immunity Smallpox Vaccine May Last Years Longer Botswana Conducting AIDS Vaccine Trials Organ Donation Rates Examined in Study Boston Co. Working on Way to Freeze Eggs Panel Recommends Against Smallpox Shots West Nile Vaccine Said Effective on Mice Voluntary Smallpox Shots Maybe Not Enough South Africa Plans AIDS Drug Distribution CDC: No 2-Drug Therapy for Latent TB U.K. Study Probes Hormones, Breast Cancer New, Fast Ebola Vaccine Protects Monkeys FDA Seeks Speedier Medical Devices Review Study: Cervical Cancer Vaccine Can Wane New Way to Chart ICU Patients Helpful Panel Recommends Vaccine Program Changes Nation's Govs. Want Medicare Compromise CDC Focuses on Late-Vaccinated Toddlers Fewer Women to Need Annual Cervix Testing Conjoined Twins Have Abdominal Surgery Child Cochlear Implants May Have Risk Sunbeam Could Be Used for Laser Surgery GAO Says Hospitals Unprepared for SARS Anthrax Treatment May Not Be Sufficient Study: Selective Thyroid Boost May Help World Notes Fertility Treatment Progress Growth Hormone Fights Ulcerative Colitis Radiation Linked to Breast Cancer Risk New Ways Sought to Treat Mentally Ill FDA Reconsiders Ban on Breast Implants Doctors Debate Curbing Ipecac Treatment Studies: Mite-Proof Bed Covers No Relief Couric's Exam Sparks Colonoscopy Craze Researchers Find Test for Bioweapons Type of 'Nortrel' Contraceptive Recalled New Blood Test May Help With MS Diagnosis Fraternal Twins Sharing Placenta Studied Stem Cell Research Plan Faces Opposition FDA Approves New West Nile Virus Test Experts Endorse Chilling in Some Patients Clots Prompt Warning Over New Stents FDA OKs New Device to Manage Diabetes Studies Challenge Breast Cancer Treatment Study Shows in Vitro Children Healthy Study Says Feeding Tubes May Be Overused New Guidelines OK Defibrillators for Kids Children Born From Lab Eggs Healthy FDA OKs Bexxar for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Experts Hope EU Will Research Stem Cells Gene Therapy Promise With Piece of Virus New Drug-Coated Stents Exceeds Supply Study Examines Stem Cells Planted in Rats Dust Monitor May Stop Black Lung Disease Hormone Pills May Spur Breast Cancer New Asthma Treatment Gets FDA Approval New Mass. Institute Researches Genetics New MRI Able to Pinpoint Smaller Tumors FDA Approves First Nasal-Mist Flu Vaccine AMA Endorses Cloning for Research Aortic Abdominal Graft Production to End Woman Regains Voice After Throat Surgery Scientists Find Manic-Depression Gene Bone Marrow Transplant Pioneer Dies at 81 Artificial Heart Recipient's Widow Settles Med Device Maker Pleads Guilty to Felonies Alternatives to Human Stem Cells Promoted Co. Accused of Hiding Heart Valve Defects Crucell to Develop West Nile Vaccine Iranian Twins Joined at Head Face Surgery Ex-Senator Urges Men to Get Mammograms FDA OKs Low Dose of Hormone Drug Prempro Study Suggests Puberty-Breast Cancer Link Two Painkillers Fail to Slow Alzheimer's Eye Surgeons Excited About New Procedure Two New Cancer Drugs Show Promise Rural Clinics Provide More Mammograms Researchers Use Microbes to Fight Malaria Study: ImClone Drug Helps Cancer Patients Study: Halting Blood Supply Fights Cancer Scientists Regenerate Cell for Hearing Group Proposes Organ Donor Incentives Blacks' DNA to Be Used in Disease Study Generic Drugs OK to Look Like Originals Group: Patents Making Drugs Too Costly German Dialysis Researchers Face Scrutiny FDA Clears Drug for Rare Child Leukemia Lung Surgery May Help Some With Emphysema New Back Discs Move Closer to U.S. Use Colon Cancer Drug Shows Some Good Results Texas Patient Receives Artificial Heart Cancer Society Endorses Mammograms FDA OKs Treatment for Blood Cancer Ill. Lifts Prescriptions on Needles FDA Criticized on Tissue Transplants Researchers: Cold Drug May Fight SARS FDA OKs Treatment for Multiple Myeloma Hospital Marks Heart-Lung Machine Advance Pneumonia Vaccine May Hold Heart Benefits Aggressive Bone Cancer Treatment Touted Altered Cold Virus Kills Tumors in Mice 3M Seeks FDA Approval for Drug Aldara FDA OKs Last-Chance Drug for Lung Cancer Cancer Said Side Effect of Gene Therapy Separated Guatemala Twin Has Operation Mutating SARS Virus Hampering Diagnosis Study: Chemical May Improve Aging Brains Experts Authenticate SARS Genetic Pattern FDA Approves New Test to Monitor Asthma New Pneumonia Vaccine Showing Results FDA OKs Therapy for Rare Genetic Disease Cholesterol Researchers Win Medical Prize Doctors Identify Pacemaker Malfunction Possible Drug Targets Found for Anthrax Artificial Heart Plan Raises Questions World Bank OKs Polio Eradication Campaign Parents Seek Expanded Newborn Testing Researchers Develop Cancer-Resistant Mice Test to Detect SARS Virus Inconsistent FDA Approves Fabry's Disease Treatment Chicago Doctor Donates Kidney to Patient FDA OKs Stent to Improve Heart Treatment Search Narrows for SARS Treatment Co. Inquires on Morning-After Pill Sale Pacemaker Charity Hurt by Its Own Growth Recipient of Artificial Heart Dies New Tests to Distinguish SARS From Colds CDC Tries New Strategies in HIV Battle Gene Found for Aging Disease in Children Surgical Gel Sales Halted Pending Probe Stem Cells May Repair Damage From MS Doctors Save Baby of Pregnant SARS Victim VA Study Examines Heart Attack Victims FDA OKs Regimen for Transplant Patients Most Don't Need Masks to Stave Off SARS FDA to Review Treatment for Hot Flashes SARS Fears Spikes Demand for Masks U.S. Tests 2,000 Drugs for SARS Treatment Woman Sues Pathologist Over Medical Error Army Tests 2,000 Drugs for SARS Treatment British Court Reaffirms Embryo Screening CDC Says Hospital Stays Get Shorter Postal Service Tests Anthrax Detection Doctors Recommend Potassium Iodide Stores Schools Get Medical Advice on Internet Teen Emerges From More Than Yearlong Coma New TB Blood Test Shows Promise FDA Issues Spine-Fracture Reminder CDC Has Test to Confirm Mystery Illness Cell Injections Help Some Heart Patients Cervical Cancer Test May Be Widely Used Expensive New Stents May Save Money Parkinson's Drug Shows Surprising Results FDA OKs Lotion to Fight Chemical Attack Univ. to Use Internet to Trace Med Errors Feds Warn Heart Patients on Smallpox Shot FDA Approves Treatment for Growth Disease FDA OKs Anti-Nausea Pill for Chemotherapy Heart Patients Warned of Smallpox Vaccine Study Promises Help for Bladder Disorder Mystery Illness Diagnosis Being Tested Biotech Company Wins Cloning Legal Case Scientists Develop Mystery Illness Test Pace of Smallpox Inoculations Picks Up Formula Can Calculate Lung Cancer Risk Kentucky Artificial Heart Patient Dies Geron Soars on Cancer Research News U.S. Urged to Lead in Detecting Diseases Blood Banks Screen Donations for Germs Isis, Eli Lilly Lung-Cancer Drug Flops Study: Hormone Pills No Help for Memory Artificial Liver Undergoes Trial Tests Donor Group Didn't Know Girl's Blood Type Alzheimer's Vaccine Had Mixed Results Blood Marker Eyed in Colon Cancer Test FDA Approves New Class of AIDS Drugs Study: No Link Between Vaccines, SIDS FDA Warns of Bacteria-Tainted Fake Drug Tenth Person Receives Artificial Heart Sharp Jump Seen for Drug-Resistant Germs FDA Takes Stand on Dietary Supplements Bayer Gets OK for New Impotence Drug FDA Backs Anti-Nausea Drug for Some Doctors Use Stem Cells in Heart Repair Study Examines Children's Medical Errors Drug May Reduce Life-Threatening Syndrome Three Ill After Smallpox Vaccination Gene Mutation May Cause Heart Failure Live-Donor Liver Transplants Carry Risks Blood-Clotting Bandage May Save Soldiers FDA to Use Early-Warning Drug System Blood Thinner Cuts Recurring Clot Risk Experts Renew Warnings About Ephedra AIDS Vaccine Fails but Shows Some Promise Experimental AIDS Vaccine May Help Some Teenager in Botched Transplant Dies New Heart Beating in Transplant Patient Teen Will Receive New Transplant Organs Study Suggests Test for Brain Disease Study: Recent Trainees Best at Mammograms Transplant Patient Near Death After Error HazMat Smart Strip May Protect Lives Implant in Scalp Can Zap Headaches CDC: No Problems With Blood Bags in South Virus May Block HIV's Destructive Power New Study Stokes Blood Pressure Debate Vaccine Said Unlikely to Protect From AIDS HIV/AIDS Vaccine Tests Begin in Uganda Special Pacemakers May Extend Lives Poll: Majority Want Smallpox Vaccine Red Cross IDs Clumps in Blood Supply Prostate Removal a Delicate Surgery Ala. Quadriplegic Wins Extended Home Care Eye Condition May Help Diagnose West Nile Body Cast Aids Toddler Hip Defect Florida Begins Smallpox Vaccine Program Congress Wary of Bush Medicare Drug Plan Artificial Heart Patient Dies in Ky. FDA Approves Biovail's Cardizem Drug Biogen's Avonex Drug Gets FDA Approval FDA Urges More Blood Scrutiny Uncertainty Slows Smallpox Vaccinations Progesterone May Reduce Premature Births FDA Probes Univ. Sale of Biotech Pigs Injury Concerns Stall Smallpox Inoculation Two Patients Got Cancer From Transplant Legal Concerns Slow Smallpox Vaccinations Lawmaker Revives Patients' Rights Effort Wis. May End Drug Discounts for Seniors Doctors Separate Mexican Twins Pfizer, Yale Team Up for Drug Research Doctors Pursue Pill to Aid Heart Valves Scientists Take Step to Growing Organs Red Cross Issues Blood Quarantine 40 People Blinded After Cataract Surgery FDA OKs Unique New Psoriasis Treatment Chromosome Shrinkage May Promote Disease Co. Says Cloned Baby Is Alive in Israel Double Hand Transplant Patient Doing Well FDA Issues Warning on Asthma Drug New Patient Gets Artificial Heart in Ky. Mistaken Mastectomy Prompts Lab Changes U.S. Plans Bioterror Monitoring System Web Site Links Seniors to Drug Programs FDA Approves Epilepsy Drug for Children Alzheimer's, Cholesterol Gene Linked Italy Investigating Alleged Cloning Doc Panel: Go Slow With Smallpox Vaccine Scientists Develop Simple Test for Plague Study Looks at Embryos During Pregnancy Gene Treatment for Obesity Promising Siamese Twin Girls Separated in London Study Documents Use of Abortion Pills Recovery Uncertain for Separated Twins Study Questions New Lung Cancer Test Study Shows Medicare Treatment Improved Gene Therapy Halted in 'Bubble Boy' Test Laws Protect Those With Smallpox Vaccine Lilly's Attention Deficit Drug Available Blood Treatment May Fight Heart Disease Australia MD to Make New Suicide Machine Formerly Conjoined Twins to Return Home Self-Contained Heart Implanted in Ky. New Labels for Hormone Therapy Products Magnet Aids Doctors Fixing Brain Diseases Reporter Says Cloning Report May Be Hoax Parents of 'Clone' Question DNA Tests Merck's Asthma Drug Joins Competition Experimental Drug Shows Promise for MS FDA Approves Rheumatoid Arthritis Option Smallpox Vaccine Recipients Cautioned Baby Said to Be Human Clone Goes 'Home' Frozen Cord Blood Revived After 15 Years Doctors Debate New Blood-Pressure Cuffs DNA Profiling to Be Used to Test Clone Questions and Answers About Human Cloning Raelians Front and Center on Cloning Study: No Gender Difference in Heart Aid Researchers Develop Stem Cells in Mice Researchers Develop Smallpox Vaccine Test Implantable Device May Monitor Organs Groups Say Cloned Babies Due in Weeks New Defibrillators May Have More Risks Health Workers Cautious of Smallpox Shot Gene Test Predicts Breast Cancer Survival Artificial Heart Testing Misses a Beat Smallpox Victim Urges Polio Vaccine Use FDA Panel Clears Flu Spray for Some FDA Panel Deciding on Safety of Flu Spray U.S. Joins Suits on Cardiac Devices Some Women Advised Against Cancer Test Study: Use Diuretics for Blood Pressure Legislation Sought on Child Drug Research Radiation May Help With Brain Defect FDA OKs New Childhood Vaccine Combination Millions May Need New Smallpox Vaccine Breathing Ventilator Study Suspended Q&A About Smallpox Vaccination Program Study: Two Chicken Pox Shots Work Best Poll: More in U.S. Want Smallpox Vaccine Allergy Drug Claritin Hits Store Shelves Stanford Reveals Human Embryo Clone Plan States Prepare Smallpox Vaccine Plans French Doctors See Transplant Success U.N. Agency Aiding Tissue Transplants Simpler Way to Treat Abnormal Heart Beat Irradiated Patients May Set Off Devices Nuclear Imaging Said to Aid Heart Tests Mammograms May Detect Heart Disease Contraceptive Said a Risk for Some Women Nuclear-Imaging Can Help Heart Diagnosis Study Casts Doubt on Full-Body CT Scans Asthma Treatment Strategy Shows Promise FDA Approves 1st Drug to Build New Bone FDA OKs New Uterine Fibroid Treatment Doctor Claims Cloned Baby Due in Jan. Experts: Pathogen Tracking Has Problems Main Drugs to Fight Malaria Drug Cos. Develop Male Contraceptive Cervical Cancer Vaccine Holds Hope Stair-Climbing Wheelchair Evaluated Study: Gene Therapy Shows Promise Doctors Laud Cervical Cancer Vaccine Bayer Cleared for U.S. Spinal Test Wyeth Stops Making Two Vaccinations Filters Reduce Angioplasty Risks Stem Cells Raise Hope for Diabetics FDA Clears Childbirth Infection Test Study: Menopause Treatments Weak Cholesterol Drugs May Aid Elderly Blood Thinner May Cut Death Risk Tissue May Help Fix Damaged Hearts Doctors Test New Heart Treatment Study to Explore Inflammation Tests Study Warns of Alzheimer's Vaccine CDC: More Seniors Need Flu Shots Targeted Vaccinations Seen Effective Study: Strokes Tied to Vaccine Congress to Offer Smallpox Protection Steroid Can Help Meningitis Patients Protein May Predict Spread of Cancer Study Questions Infection Treatment FDA Approves Home Defibrillator Diabetic Heart Disease Risk Studied Studies Question Fibroid Treatment Treatment May Ease Sickle-Cell Pain Portable Anthrax Detector Sought Study: MDs Not Vaccinating Adults FDA Approves First Generic Accutane CDC: C-Sections Are on the Rise FDA Approves 20-Minute HIV Test FDA Expands Use of Heart Pumps No Evidence Vaccine Causes Autism Statin Drugs Show M.S. Promise Drug Doesn't Cut Heart Patient Risk FDA Approves Sterilization Method Doctors Test Post-Bypass Memory Drugs Study: Drug Testing Needed on Babies Bariatric Surgery Used on Obese Kids Study: More Survive Heart Failure Dialysis Pioneer Is Still Inventing Embryos Now Labeled 'Human Subjects' FDA Approves New Cholesterol Drug Doctors Try to Curb CT Scans in Kids New Cholesterol Drug Approved Mass. Case Challenges Sweat Patches Coil Treatment Studied for Aneurysms Patent Gives AstraZeneca Optimism Drug May Replace Hormone Therapy FDA Considers Drug-Coated Stent Preventing Preemie Blindness Sought Pig Genes Modified for Organ Uses Disappointing Results for Cancer Drug Renewing CPR Skills Benefits Others FDA OKs Another Hepatitis C Therapy Inexperienced Can Use Defibrillators Widow Sues Artificial Heart Maker CDC Panel Meets on Smallpox Vaccine Study May Aid Prostate Cancer Test Government Offers Hormone Caution Woman Gives Birth to Granddaughters Supplement May Slow Parkinson's Study: Redheads Resist Anesthesia Memory Cited in Stress Disorder Study: Stats May Improve Treatments Modifying Vaccine May Make It Safe Study Seeks Safe Alzheimer's Vaccine Report: U.S. Plans Smallpox Shots Gene Therapy Trials May Restart Officials Debate Smallpox Vaccine Contraceptive Being Recalled Gene Therapy May Help Parkinson's Expanded Use for Clot-Busting Drugs Gene Tied to Deadly Prostate Cancer FDA Approves Heroin Drug for Addicts CryoLife Submits Action Plan to FDA FDA Targets Ephedra Promotion Advice for Breast Cancer Mixed Patients Get Infected Transplants Drug Helps Cystic Fibrosis Patients Fewer Shots for New Anthrax Vaccine Gene Therapy Study Suspended Malaria Parasite's Genes Mapped Judge Blocks Ind. Cos. Over Stents Genomes Possibly Going on CD Research Could Prevent Brain Defects Disputed Genetic Testing Hits Marker Scientists Test Blood Sterilization Study: Herpes Drug Prevents Spread Gov't May Offer Smallpox Vaccine Two N.H. Patients Receive Kidneys Possible HIV Blockers Found S. Africa to Produce AIDS Vaccines Researcher Makes Pre-Eclampsia Test Researchers Grow Teeth in Mass. Lab Study: Hepatitis Shots Show Promise New Device Lowers Heart Attack Risk W. Nile Vaccine May Come in 3 Years Experts Try to Make Bionic Retinas Study: Epilepsy Drug Helps Migraines Feds Offer Smallpox Vaccination Plan Bayer, Glaxo to Market Viagra Rival Calif. Gov. to Sign Stem Cell Law Pioneers in Dialysis Receive Award FDA OKs Chronic Hepatitis B Drug New Warnings for Painkiller Labels Breast Ultrasound Urged in Some Cases Warnings for Acetaminophen Labels Cancer Cells Killed in Test Therapy Ultrasound Used in Cancer Screening Cancer Survivors Lobby Lawmakers HIV Infection Rate Is Skyrocketing Ground Gained on Bioterrorism Fight Heel Pain Treatment Said Ineffective Clinics Report Immunization Shortage Study Looks at Mammogram Readings China OKs Generic Anti-AIDS Drug Gene Therapy May Improve Muscles Panel Recommends Osteoporosis Tests Fat Abnormalities Hold Gehrig's Clue Study Looks at Hormone-Cancer Link Deaths Prompt FDA Dialysis Warning Early Prostate Surgery Reduces Dying 'Biological Pacemaker' Created Surgery Best for Carpal Tunnel Weight-Surgery Death Sparks Debate Doctors Freezing Away Tumors Study Finds Many Drug Errors AbioCor Heart Patient Shows Potential CryoLife to Resume Tissue Shipments FDA to Consolidate Drug Approvals FDA: CryoLife Helps in Emergencies Idec Drops Experimental Skin Drug Study: Adult Stem Cells Not Useful Blood Test for W. Nile Not Easy Group Calls for Alzheimer Test Halt Some Smallpox Vaccines Recommended Feds: Organ Receiver Died of West Nile MDs Cut Back on Anti-Rejection Drugs Pump Used to Reverse Heart Failure Glucose May Help in Cardiac Arrest CDC Probes Transplants for West Nile Lab Recalls 1.5M Gonorrhea Tests Doctor: Separated Twin Recovers White House Backs Elderly Drug Card Dr.: Surgery Allowed Woman to Walk HIV Patients' Transplants Succeeding Non-Prescription Drugs a Mixed Bag Gates Foundation Gives $46M for HIV Study Links Insurance to in Vitro Vitamins Help Heart Patient Arteries U.S. Clears Kids' Diabetes Monitor Caffeine Said to Lower Cancer Risk FDA Steers Doctors From CryoLife FDA Reviews Novartis Cancer Drug NIH Considers Dietary Supplements Gene Linked to Heart Trouble Found New AIDS Drug Raises Hopes, Fears FDA OKs West Nile Trial Therapy Colon-Cancer Test Supposedly Easier Breast Cancer Gene Study Questioned Scientists Probe Nev. Cancer Cluster Studies May Distort Gene-Cancer Tie Panel: Food From Clones Seems Safe Flu Vaccine Seen Good for All Adults FDA Approves Light Therapy for Acne Artificial Heart Man Gets Battery Pills Distributed at Accident Site FDA Asks For Ephedra Criminal Probe Lilly Gets Subpoena Over Drug New Bacteria Triggers Lung Ailments U.S. to Re-Evaluate Therapy's Risks Zoloft Seen Safe for Heart Patients FDA Warns About Chinese Diet Pills Doctor Defends Cloning Experiment States Push Meningitis Vaccination FDA OKs Advanced Colon Cancer Drug Leukemia Drug May Restore Hair Color Feds to Study Chelation Therapy Hormone Finding May Aid Weight Loss Separated Twins Reported Doing Well Bush Admin. Loosens Stem Cell Rules Aspirin May Ward Off Pancreas Cancer Doctors Separate Conjoined Twins Researchers Report Stem Cell Work Doctors Treat Diabetes Personally Doctors Hopeful About Conjoined Girls Gene May Change Behavior of Abused More Kids Vaccinated Vs. Chicken Pox Company Drops Cold Drug Development New Drug Seems to Help Child Autism FTC Seeks Generic Drug Delay Limits Huntington's Study Looks Promising Stem Cells Grow Eye Blood Vessels Doctor Uses Video in Knee Operation Anti-Smoking Pills Work for Blacks FDA Mulls Nonsurgical Sterilization Hospital Infections Kill Needlessly FDA: Blood Pressure Drug Too Risky Two Contract HIV From Transfusions Medical Marijuana Users Get Relief FDA Raises Defibrillator Numbers Tobacco Lozenge May Be Banned Senate Eyes Generic Drug Access FDA OKs GHB for Narcolepsy Use of Estrogen Linked with Cancer Two Born From Dead Man's Sperm Chemo May Not Help Some Breast Cancer Study: Heart Drug Side Effects Lower Program Tracks Stroke Victim Treatment Studying Lung Cancer Genes May Help Bush Advisers OK Limited Cloning Ban Panel Rejects Permanent Cloning Ban CDC: Shortage of 2 Vaccines Is Over Experts: Short-Term Estrogen Pills OK Minn. Clinic Warns of Faulty Vaccine Panel Hears Data on Breast Implants Caution on Hormone Replacement Therapy Study: HIV Among U.S. Newborns Drop Studies Promising on New AIDS Drug Vaccine for Diarrhea Being Tested New HIV Treatment Guidelines AIDS Rate Can Be Slowed At High Cost FDA OKs Device to Treat Back Pain Study: Prostate Cancer Over-Treated Hormones, Heart Attack Risk Studied Drugs Restoring Eyesight in Seniors Artificial Heart Advocates Upbeat Experts: Colon Exams Can Save Lives Better E. Coli Technology Planned Blood Banks Warn of Summer Shortages Test May Predict Low-Weight Babies Drug May Help With Aspirin Therapy Study Backs Benefit of Statins FDA Approves Skin Cholesterol Test Compound May Help Brain After Stroke Adult Stem Cells Show Versatility Test Can Predict Lymphoma Chances N.J. to Distribute Radiation Pills Biotech Trial Enters Penalty Phase Smallpox Vaccine Decision Ahead FDA Approves Diabetes Monitors U.S. Orders Pills to Fight Radiation Study Dismisses MMR Vaccine Fears Potassium Iodide a Hot Seller Study Dismisses Fears Over Vaccine Heroin Withdrawal Drug Works Well HHS Report: Medicare Paying Too Much White House Opposes Biotech Labels Scientists Find Cancer Gene Defect FDA Allows Bowel Drug Back on Market Drug Maker Biogen Lowers Outlook Smallpox Vaccine Raises Concerns U.S. Caesarean Births Rapidly Rising Blood-Thinning Drug Said Too Costly FDA to Require Tracking Risky Devices Hospitals May Gain from Medicare Bill Guidelines For Eye Laser Surgery New Drugs Sought to Fight TB High-Tech Bandages Are Latest Fad Therapeutic Cloning Shows Promise Researchers Develop HIV Fighter Scientists Work on Smallpox Medicines Protein Linked to Parkinson's Anthrax Antidote Being Developed FDA to OK Drugs Using Animal Data Magnesium Sulfate Prevents Eclampsia Civilians to Get Anthrax Shot Supply FDA Has Bioterrorism Drug Test Plan Insulin Fails Test As Preventive Study: Few New Drugs Were Improvement Company Touts New Erectile Drug Researchers Make Smallpox Protein Painkillers May Delay Bone Healing Kidney Donations on the Rise Lilly Promotes New Erectile Drug Kenya to Offer Free HIV Drug CDC Touts Learning of Stroke Signs ImClone, Bristol to Begin New Trials Companies to Begin New Erbitux Trials Study Finds Anti-Malaria Gene Mislabeling Cited in Mystery Illness Lacking Insurance Bad for Your Health Panel Pushes Depression Screening CDC Gives Mixed Report on Our Health Bloodstream Infections on the Rise Study: Repeat Caesareans Safest Group Seeks Charges Over Diet Drug Panel: Use Tamoxifen Cancer Therapy Mysteries of Allergies Studied New Pill May Improve Lung Cancer Study Finds Neonatal Care Excessive Some Quit Joint Replacement Settlement FDA Approves New Version of Vaccine Study Criticizes Neonatal Care Ky. Doctor Expects Clone Pregnancy Study: Diabetics Face Drug Danger Med Centers to Test Anthrax Vaccine Diabetics May Be Taking Wrong Drug FDA, Amgen Warns of Counterfeit Drug Questions, Answers on Anthrax Probe New Face of AIDS Getting Older New Colon Cancer Tests Planned CDC: Doctors Lack Smallpox Knowledge CDC Urges Annual HIV Tests for Gay Men Study Looks at Bronchitis Antibiotic Study Blames Latent Infections for TB Scientists Map Genome of Bacterium How to Recognize Ebola Attack Costs Delay Health Care for Women Psychiatric Drug Found Tampered With Bayer to Develop Malaria Medicine OB-GYNs Warn Of High Insurance Costs Tea May Help Survive Heart Attack FDA OKs Breast Cancer Treatment Device Fewer Minorities in HIV Research Creatine May Help Older Men HIV May Target Attacking Cells New WHO Report on Genetic Research Study: Beta Blockers Help Patients Doctors Get Updated Anthrax Guide Many New Drugs Have Side Effects Study: Fertility Declines Earlier Patients Getting Requested Drugs Some Need Kidneys After Donating Study Gives Fertility Insight FDA OKs New Blood Pressure Drug Supermarket Chain Pulls Oxycontin Plastic Used For Surgical Thread SIDS May Be Linked to Infection FDA OKs Guidant Aneurysm Treatment FDA OKs Burn Medicine for Scars FDA: Bring Back Risky Bowel Drug Pap Test Guidelines May Ease Fear Living Organ Donors Outpace Dead FDA Considers Bowel Drug's Future Cure Sought for Tall People's Disease New Breast Cancer Gene Identified Study: Smoking, Baby's Sex Linked FDA Backs Off Drug Test Suspension Strep Bacteria Resist Antibiotic Risks of Arthritis Drugs Studied Congressman Urges Autism Research House Hopes to Pass Senior Drug Plan Gene Therapy May Cure Bubble Disease Bacteria Are Resisting Antibiotic Radiation May Limit Heart Problem Transplants Show Parkinson's Promise Gene Therapy Breakthrough in France Blood Transfusion, Lung Ailment Linked FDA OKs Another Eye Surgery Option Study Urges Increase in Angioplasty Watching Drug Sales May Stop Anthrax FDA OKs Botox to Smooth Wrinkles Researchers Plan for Anthrax Attack Heart Patients Should Call Sooner Pentagon Inks Smallpox Vaccine Deal Bush Presses Senate to Ban Cloning FDA Calls Nicotine Lollipops Illegal Experience Level Matters in Surgery Breast Cancer Care Worse for Poor Agents to Fight Infectious Diseases Aspirin Doesn't Always Help With Heart Pill May Increase Cancer Risk in Women Heart Drug Has Serious Side Effects Anthrax Drug May Not Hurt Fertility Blood Vessels Made From Stem Cells N.J. Prosecutor Gets Fourth Kidney Study: Breast Cancer Drug Helpful Blood Test May Identify Alzheimer's Merck: Our Pill Prevents Strokes Scientists: Smallpox Pill Promising Boy Receives Artificial Heart Pump Device May Aid Heart Patients Blood Test Diagnoses Heart Failure Study: Calcium May Cut Cancer Risk Defibrillator Device Proven to Help Researchers Hail New Pacemaker Promise Seen in Angioplasty Dilemma AIDS Vaccine May Be 10 Years Away NYC Hospital Fined in Donor Death Study: Eye Drops Work for Lazy Eye Pharmacies Threaten to Drop Medicaid Researchers Use 'Virtual Patients' Study: Stem Cells Have Few Mutations Device May Have Spread Infection Medical Device Faulted for Infection Alzheimer's Vaccine Development Ends FDA OKs Blood Bank Fingerprint Test Bill Would Boost Cancer Study Funds Prenatal Alzheimer's Test Succeeds Study Warns of High Blood Pressure ViroPharma Seeks OK of Cold Drug Pharmaceutical Companies to Comply on Data Cooling the Body May Help Patients Survive Heart Attack CDC Chief Jeffrey Koplan Resigns Evista Drug May Cut Heart Risks Study: Fewer Medical Tests May Be Fine Third Artifical Heart Patient Dies Test Could Predict Alzheimer's Administration Offers Medicare Help CDC: Heart Patients Die Suddenly Research Links Hormones and Breast Cancer FDA Probes Anti-Anxiety Herb Britain's P.M. Fights Vaccine Fears Advocates Site Alzheimer Disparities Blood Test May Spot Ovarian Cancer Study: Radiation Caused Mutations Drugs for Stroke Damage Show Promise Breast Cancer Treatment Uses 'Seeds' Many Have Undiagnosed Kidney Disease Company to Pay $1B for Faulty Hip FDA OKs Gleevec Drug for Cancer FDA Clears Anthrax Vaccine Shipments Researcher: Mammography Saves Lives Therapy for Spinal Injuries Studied Working Kidney Built From Embryo Clone Illinois Tests New Drug Plan Qualms Grow With Bioterror Research FDA Drug Approvals Slightly Faster U.S. Making Advances Against Disease Institute Reviews Mammogram Advice Home Contraction Monitors Criticized Life Goes On Without Kidneys FDA OKs Kids' Liver Disease Drug FDA Approves Medical Device FDA OKs Drug to Fight Liver Disease South Africa to Get Key AIDS Drug Second Prostate Cancer Gene Found Anthrax Shots Pose Pregnancy Danger Skin-Kidney Disease Baffles Doctors White House Tackles Bioethics Mt. Sinai Suspends Liver Transplants Supreme Court Hears HMO Case Nicotine Metabolism in Americans New Caution about Colon Surgery Study: Alzheimer's Has Injury Link Experts Mull Inconclusive Pap Tests Attorneys to Expand Bayer Lawsuit Concussions and Depression Linked CDC Says Anthrax Risk Diminishing 20 Test Positive for Hep B in NYC French Distribute Morning-After Pill Patient Survives 5 Heart Procedures Morning Dialysis May Be Better Diet Could Prevent Kidney Stones Study Reveals Depression Treatment has Soared FDA OKs Pocket-Sized EKG Machine Report: Drug Cards Save Little Cloned Sheep Dolly Has Arthritis Stem Cells May Help Parkinson's Nation's Blood Supply Drops CDC Studies Anthrax Vaccine Worry Doctors Fear Ebola is Spreading Feds Probe Tainted Research Technology Keeps Vaccines Cool Asia Could Take Lead In Stem Cells Anthrax Vaccinations Delayed Scientists Map Chromosome 20 CDC Opens Smallpox Training Center New Vaccine Stops Urinary Infection Second Artificial Heart Is Walking Therapy Helps Treat Breast Cancer Surgery Repairs Children's Faces Study Analyses Breast Cancer Drugs Amgen Plans Bone Loss Drug Tests CT Scans May Diagnose Anthrax Artificial Heart Operation Man Dies FDA Investigates Cancer Drug Claim Study: Defibrillators Help Patients Heart Recipient Suffers Bleeding ADD Stimulants Big on Black Market 'Smart Bomb' Kills Cancer in Tests Full Anthrax Drug Regimen Touted Anthrax Home Remedies Fail Artificial Heart Recipient Has Stroke Medicaid Board Backs HIV Patient Tamoxifen May Reduce Cancer Risk CDC: 32,000 on Anthrax Antibiotics Framingham Heart Study Seeks Recruits FDA, Antibiotic Makers Talk Anthrax OxyContin Maker Preps Ad Campaign Extra Radiation May Help Cancer Victims Recommendations Made for ICUs Shape of Sperm May Indicate Fertility FDA OKs Clinical Testing of Ecstasy 5th Self-Contained Heart Installed Court Orders Generic Drug Off Market Study: Double Mastectomy Lowers Risk Studies Bolster Heart Disease Theory Menopause Hormones Linked to Dry Eyes Brain Scans May Find Alzheimer's Heart Patient Has Lunch With Mayor Hospitals Prepare for Bioterrorism Study: Toxin Helps Palsy Tiptoeing Health Agency Vaccinates Workers Researchers Help Weed Out Fake Drugs Suggestions for Blood Pressure Dialysis Deaths Up in Filter Probe Cipro Has Some Side Effects New Clue Helps Sort Anthrax, Flu Doxycycline Could Harm Fetuses Study Issues Blood Pressure Warning HMOs Debate Access to Specialists NY Hospital Worker Dies of Anthrax Man With Artificial Heart Doing Well FDA May OK Lilly's Sespis Drug N.Y. Hospital Worker Has Anthrax FDA OKs New Drug to Fight AIDS Doctors Brace Anthrax False Alarms Exercise Can Reduce Arthritis Risk Many Doctors Urging Flu Shots Syphilis Increasing in San Francisco Anthrax Questions & Answers Study: Treating Anemia Saves Lives Long-Distance Transplants May Add Risk New Genestic Breast Tumor Test Noted A History of Anthrax Cases Nearly 10,000 on Anthrax Drugs Post Office Rushes in Anti-Bacteria Technology Estrogen May Not Help Against Strokes Drug May Help Burn Victims Is it anthrax or the flu? Administration struggles to make mail safe from anthrax Wednesday's anthrax developments Bayer Agrees to Lower Cipro Price Normal EKGs May Not Mean Healthy New Findings May Fight Anthrax Anthrax found in offsite White House mail facility Ulcer Patients May Need Warning Malaria Vaccine Fund Announced Doctors Warned About Arthritis Drug Technique May Save Lymph Nodes Gene That Protects Cells Discovered Scientists Study Hair-Loss Gene Marijuana Prescription Law OK'd Feds Probe Texas Dialysis Deaths Federal Smallpox Plan Ready 4th Self-Contained Heart Implanted CDC Warns Docs of Bioterror Outbreak FDA Pushes Anthrax Drug Options Night Shift Linked to Breast Cancer Bayer Boosts Production of Cipro Blood Pressure Drug May Stop Diabetes EPA Urges Parents to Smoke Outside BioPort Files for Anthrax Drug OK Anthrax Testing Can Be Difficult Therapist Says Laughter Liberates Most Anthrax Cases Start With Powder FDA: Contacts Wearable for 30 Days Study Will Try Smaller Vaccine Dose New anthrax case reported in New York Dentists Asked to Dump Lead Boxes FDA Approves High Tech Pacemaker Scientists Compare Anthrax Strains Vitamin Regimen Can Prevent Blindness Study: Number of Smokers Hold Steady Third Anthrax Case Found in Florida Anthrax Case Causes Antibiotics Run No Further Trace of Anthrax in Fla. Answers to Some Anthrax Questions Latest S. Africa AIDS Victim Buried FBI Probes Florida Anthrax Cases Body1 Remembers Victims FBI Conducts Florida Anthrax Probe Early Anthrax Detection Crucial Anthrax Bacteria Found in 2nd Man New Bypass Operations Show Promise Three Win Nobel Prize In Medicine Medicine Prize Launches Nobels Week Anthrax Death Brings Back Memories Generic AIDS Drug in South Africa Scientists Seek Germ Warfare Vaccines Milk Bank Provides Aid to Newborns AIDS Vaccine Said Ready in 10 Years Heart Beats Outside Body in Test Girl Lives Normally With Half a Brain Study Looks at Gulf War Vets' Children More Attention Urged for AIDS in Asia Number of New Teen Smokers Falls Report: US Drug Use Rate Unchanged Tiny Bar Codes May Help Doctors FDA Approves New Drug for Crohn's E. Coli Linked to Urinary Infection Researchers Find Language Gene Gene Map of the Black Death Found Study Probes Teachers' Disease Risk Study Urges No Steroids in Pregnancy Cystic Fibrosis Gene Test Offered Geron Researchers Cite Cell Research Drug May Stop Brain Shrinkage Quick Treatment Can Cure Hepatitis C Asthma Difficulty, Parenting Linked Scientists Identify Cleft Lip Gene Activity Could Lower Cancer Risk Third Artificial Heart Implanted Biotech Companies to Help Fight Terror Houston Man Gets Artificial Heart Gene-Based AIDs Test Hits Market Epilepsy Drug May Blur Vision Pill May Help Abdominal Healing Steroids Linked to Bone Loss Experts Stress Need for Counseling Cancer Victims Seek to Stay Fertile Ovarian Tissue Implanted in Arms Artificial Heart Patient Takes Spin Study: Drug May Help Open Arteries Heart Assn. Revises Guidelines East, West May Combine Therapies CDC Confirms Dengue Fever Outbreak Study Links Chromosome, Blood Pressure Healthy Living May Stop Diabetes Blood Pressure Drug May Help Kidneys Surgeons Operate From Afar Artery Disease May Be Undertreated Cervix and Premature Birth Linked Hip Replacements Made Easier Researchers Find Lupus Risk Gene Behavior Therapies May Help Fatigue Shot for Anemia Clears FDA Hurdle Study: Kids Are More Active Edwards Honored for Test-Tube Research Approval Won for Blood-Clot Tests Pa. Hospital Cleared to Resume Tests Brain Scan Shows Emotion in Decisions Heat Can Reduce Surgery Infections Report: Lifespan for Blacks Shorter Edible Berry May Fight Cancer Mushroom May Destroy Human Muscles Long Flights Linked to Blood Clots Artificial Heart Operation Said Near Aspirin May Extend Lives Number of Obese Americans Rises Woman Dies in Abortion Pill Test Health Meeting Targets 'Stroke Belt' FDA OKs Combination Cancer Treatment Scientists Warn on West Nile Virus Whooping Cough Stages Comeback Birth Control Pill, Urine Protein Link CDC: Americans Health Improving Tribal Hospital Treats Diabetes Artificial Heart Patient Improves AIDS Vaccines May Protect Infected Kid Involvement Helps Addicted Moms Mixed Report on Benefits of Alcohol Disney to Install Defibrillators Virus May Help Fight HIV Boston Hospital Pushes Breast Feeding Hepatitis C Spreads in U.S. Prisons Pediatric Group Revises SIDS Info Doctors Praise New Heart Tube Study Backs Cholesterol Drug Safety FDA Wants Safe Medical Recycling Antibiotics May Help Heart Trouble Western Experts Battle Heart Disease Medical Team Shares Heart Stories Researchers Study Cancer Chemicals Researchers Find Clue to Eclampsia Aspirin-Enzyme-Diabetes Link Found Scientists Wipe Out Mouse Tumors Two Vaccines Linked to Seizures Parents Worry About College Drinking Hip Replacement Lawyer Seeks More Time Teens May Use Performance Enhancers Diabetes Strikes Adults in 30s Researchers Hunt for Old-Age Gene FDA Approves Pacemaker-Like Device Fish Is a Weapon Against West Nile Human Kidney Kept Alive in Machine Hospital Error Leads to Lab Reviews Current Stem Cells May Get FDA's OK Clinic to Supply Embryos to Harvard OxyContin Maker Tries Safeguard Venezuela Dealing With Dengue Fever Brazil to Strip Patent on AIDS Drug E. Coli Victims Didn't Wash Hands Pharmacist Accused of Diluting Drugs Study Compares Colon Cancer Tests Study Disputes IUD-Infertily Link Report Questions Arthritis Drugs Obesity Linked to Pancreatic Cancer Artificial Heart Patient Identified Feds to Track Blood Supply Study: Gene Holds Risk of Death CDC: 15M American Adults Have Asthma CDC: Millions Miss Fluoride Benefit New device for transporting donated organs Study: China Smoking Deaths Rising Study: High Blood Pressure Untreated Hispanic Cirrhosis Rate Is Highest Smoking Ads Still Aimed at Kids Bristol-Myers to Offer Free Product Study: Many Discover HIV Late Study: Emphysema Surgery Dangerous Illness Spreads in Cincinnati Estrogen Therapy Helps Elderly U.S. AIDS Findings Cause Concern FDA OKs Heart Failure Breathing Drug Patching Popular for Aneurysms Bush Threatens Stem Cell Veto Artificial Heart Patient on Ventilator Legionnaires' Warning in Las Vegas Thompson: Bush Firm on Stem Cells Netherlands to Vaccinate 5,000 Kids Scientists Excited About Stem Cells Conn. Man Celebrates Heart Anniversary Vitamins May Blunt Cholesterol Drugs OxyContin Making 'Smart Pill' Walking, Diet Can Cut Diabetes Bayer Pulls Anti-Cholesterol Drug Freshmen in Dorms at Meningitis Risk Study Faults Heart-Related Research Cream Might Repair Sun Damage Surgery May Help Some Epileptics FDA Approves Camera-In-A-Pill Foot-Swellings Blamed on Bacteria Israel Researchers Grow Heart Cells Baby Formula to Resemble Breast Milk Johns Hopkins Investigates Study Doctor Charged With Murder Over OxyContin Experts: FluMist Needs More Tests FDA Debates Nasal Spray for Flu Previous Asthma Illnesses Unreported First Heart Assist Recipient Dies New Class of Antibiotics Looks Good Leukemia Drug Shows Early Promise Even a Little 2nd-Hand Smoke May Hurt Deaths From Med Errors May Be Fewer U.S. Teen Births Fall to Record Low Heart Group Changes Mind on Estrogen Future of Heart Pump Uncertain Experts: Kids Worried About Weight Surgeon: Heart Procedure a 'Home Run' Stroke Risk May Grow After Bypass Exercise Chemical May Cause Migraines Mother-To-Child Syphilis Rate Down Museum Show Tells How Brain Works Yellow Fever Vaccine Questioned Poor Areas, Heart Attacks Linked Pill Looks Promising for Blood Clots Scar Cells May Hinder Transplants Patient Returns to Operating Room Town Wants Fingerprints for Painkiller FDA Panel Shoots Down Heart Device Doctors Warn Against Herb Products MS Society Announces New Guidelines FDA OKs Pacer, Rejects Other Device Staph Bacteria Easily Swap Genes Artificial Heart Patient Still Stable AIDS Deaths in Prisons Fall Sharply Hospitals Ready for Artificial Hearts Scientists Manufacture Human Eggs End to Mercury Thermometers Urged Drug's Affect on Breast Cancer Studied Exercise Research Creates Doubts Home Fertility Test Kit Developed Blood Test May Help Heart Victims Researchers Make Cancer Advancement Drug May Help Dialysis Patients Canada Downplays Breast Cancer Exam Health of Caregivers Studied Americans Support Stem Cell Research Death Rate of Heart Disease Drops Emergency Room Visits Jump 14 Pct. Food Cos. Seek Bacteria Killers African Leaders Speak at UN Summit Young Men and Blood Pressure Studied AMA Chief Files Suit Vs. Organization Dense Bone May Help ID Breast Cancer Folic Acid Decreases Birth Defects Common Virus May Fight Brain Tumors Panel: Focus Needed on Cancer Care AMA Considers Youth Group Resolution Study: Docs Not Candid With Patients Board Game Teaches About Birth Uganda Gets AIDS Training Center Pollution Linked to Heart Attacks Orphans Said Hurt by Stutter Tests Hiking Has Special Training Needs Researchers Make Smallest Laser Racial Split in Down Syndrome Death FDA Approves Heartworm Injection FDA Panel Considers Narcolepsy Drug Heart-Cells Discovery Gives Hope Study Cites Obesity Health Risks FDA Approves Implanted Stomach Band Cancer Rates Declining, Experts Say Cancer Rates List Md. Finds First West Nile Infection Brain Activity Links Gambling, Drugs Smoking Rate Drops in Arizona Researchers Question Placebo Effect Two New Studies Probe Asthma Drug Study: Fish Major Part of Early Diet Scientists Link Gene to Crohn's Special Coating May Kill Germs WHO Adopts AIDS Statement Polio Cases Drop to New Low Fed Rules Urged on Gene Clinics Polio Diagnosed in Bulgaria Virus Endangers Heart Transplants Court OKs Maine Drug Law New Cholesterol Guidelines Released Mouthwash May Help Against Cancer Study: Hormones Reduce Cancer Risk Study: Contraceptive Patch Safe Antidepressant Use Soars in Youth Study Links Surgery, Medication Doctors See Autism on Rise Survey Finds States Lacking in SIDS CDC Issues Lice-School Study FDA Approves Child's Defibrillator Abortion-Cancer Warning Considered 74-Yr-Old Man Gets Heart Machine Better Broken Hip Survival Sought Drug Companies Cut Africa Prices Study Shows Blood Cell Versatility Planned Parenthood Selling Own Condoms Compound Cures Arthritic Mice Carbon Monoxide May Help Lungs Doc Urges Emergency Contraceptives Study: Lead Paint Affects Child IQ Gene Therapy Restores Vision in Dog Deadly Altitude Sickness Studied Leukemia Cases Climb in Nev. Town FDA Committee OKs Antibiotic Breast Cancer Test Shows Promise Scientists Progress on Stem Cells Quadriplegic Gets Pig Cell Injection Study Questions Birth-Defect Stats Medical Errors Said Greater in Kids Study Hails Impact of Mammograms Spacesuit Protects Boy From Sun New Options for Spine Fractures No Link Between Vaccination, Autism AIDS Spotlight Shifts to Third World Research Shows Panic, Phobia Link Scientists Examine Lung Cancer Company To Implant Artificial Heart Fitness Centers Help Hospitals Study Rates Estrogen Alternative New System for Medical Volunteers Chlamydia Screening Recommended Estrogen, Lower Cancer Risks Linked Living Organ Donations Jump in 2000 HHS Plans To Boost Organ Donation Dementia Survival As Low As 3 Years Study Addresses Schizophrenia Link Study Proposes More Slaughtering AIDS Drugs Available in Africa Epilepsy Drugs May Cause Birth Defects South Africa OKs Blood Substitute Study: Mutation, Sciatica Risk Link Strep Throat Bacteria Code Cracked Bush Plan Cuts Drug Reimportation Heart-Lung Transplant Recipient Dies States Work on Prescription Drug Fix Blood Lack Delays Houston Surgeries Vaccination Drive Starts in Africa Experts: Mad Cow Risk Very Low Study of Medical Marijuana Launched Government Plans Organ Donor Card U.N. Says Polio Is Almost Gone Ravers Try To Counter Social Image PC's Enlisted To Fight Cancer Lilly To Develop Inhaled Insulin Study: Antibiotics Not Much Help Technology May Aid Cancer Diagnosis Polio Victims Suffering Late Relapse Popeye May Have Been Right Study Looks at Genetics, Weight Loss WHO Says Polio Strain Eradicated Childhood Rickets Making a Comeback Seattle Cancer Center Sued for Fraud Americans Confuse Livestock Diseases Abbott Cuts African AIDS Drug Prices Study: Americans are Sleep-Deprived Study: Walking Can Cut Heart Risk Gene Tied to Early Puberty in Girls Study: Chelation Fails To Aid Heart Bone Marrow Procedure Offers Hope Study: Vaccinating Young Helps Old South Africa: More HIV Than Thought Supplement Doesn't Prevent Loss Study Explores Estrogen-Cancer Risk Study Backs Heart Attack Drug Lung Transplant Recipient Dies Diabetes Pills Being Tested on Kids Job Stress May Offset Hard Work Light May Help Find Breast Cancer Radiation After Angioplasty Fails New Method Could Aid Lung Donation Study: English a Factor in Dyslexia Progress in Baby Heart Transplants Study: Measles Vaccine Safe FDA Issues Lead Warning to Dentists Study: Rectal Thermometers Superior Girl, 11, Fitted With Artificial Arms Study Links Food Poisoning to Tuna WHO, Airlines To Study Blood Clots Study Focuses on Shock Therapy Romania To Get HIV Drug Price Cut Paper: Co. Knew of Drug-Liver Link Pregnancy Complication on the Rise Drug Costs Grow in Health Spending AIDS Vaccine Shows Promise Aspirin May Lower Cancer Risk Skull Surgery Fails for Parkinson's Merck To Lower HIV Drug Costs Cancer May Have Magnetic Field Link Smokers' Wives, Chemicals Linked Study Backs AIDS Drug Combo Blood Pressure, Older Mothers Studied Literacy Needed for Good Health Study: Asthmatics Prone to Disease Scientists Gain Breast Cancer Facts New Light Shed on Cystic Fibrosis Green Tea May Not Prevent Cancer Study Casts Doubt on Down Screening Campaign Pushes At-Home Exercises Study: Stretch Cords Help Exercise Studies: Aspirin Safe for Heart Merck Reportedly Tests HIV Vaccine Alarm Over Calif. Syphilis Outbreak Group Calls Drug Study Unethical Breast Cancer Innovation Cited Va. Senate OKs 'Morning After' Pill South Africa To Get Free AIDS Drug New Hope for Fen-Phen Users Babies' Health Report: Mixed Record Umbilical Cords Could Repair Brains Homocysteine May Trigger Strokes FDA, Red Cross Readying Donor Bans Study Probes Dyslexia Troubles Report Cites Seafood Safety Lapses Pain Medication Clinical Trials End Scientists Decipher Mouse DNA Many Epileptics Go Untreated Study: Low Fat Linked to Stroke Risk Gene Map Creates New Frontier Exercise May Help Clot-Dissolving Age and Joint Replacements Studied Woman in Canada Doesn't Have Ebola Catching HIV in Single Sex Act Low Med Schools Study Research Policies Study Sees Post-Surgical Mental Loss Drug-Resistant AIDS Virus Spreading Antidote Works Against Methanol Cancer May Be Tamed Within 25 Years CDC Hopes to Cut New AIDS Cases FDA OKs New Schizophrenia Option Supplements Raise Mad Cow Concerns New AIDS Drugs May Outwit HIV Diseases Threaten Brazilian Tribe Study: Stroke Victims Delay Care Exercise Can Help With Chemo Symptoms Feds OK Tests of Artificial Heart Warnings Urged for Lyme Vaccine Studies: No Vaccine, MS Link Pill Bottles 'Talk' to Elderly Experts Say We're Getting Fat Study Uncovers Mystery Cell's Role Study Looks at Osteoarthritis Thais To Study Flying Effects Diabetic Treatment Sometimes Fatal Chair Improves Bladder Control Radiation Reduces Artery Reclogging Report: Red Wine May Not Help Hearts Report on Heart Attack Survival Breast-Feeding Benefits Bolstered Two More Diagnosed With Meningitis FDA Probes Sale of Fake AIDS Drug Stem Cell Research Racing Ahead Study: Athletes Drink More Alcohol Survey: Doctors Don't Help Addicts Onset of Epileptic Seizures Studied Study Suggests Retiming Meals Dozens Contract Illness in Borneo Drs. Spend More Time With Patients Study Rekindles Ergonomic Debate Blood Cell Transplants Boost Survival Makers of AIDS Tests Settle With FTC Chemo Urged For Small Breast Tumors Dilemmas Cited in Removing Organs Company Maps Protein Interactions LaserVision Settles FDA Lawsuit Vitamin Intake Recommendations Airlines To Print Health Warnings USDA: Traditional Diets Best FDA Approves Breast Cancer Drug First Angioplasty a Success Story Panel Examines Alternative Medicines Obese Kids, Heart Disease Link Found Study: Kids' Weight a Major Concern Side Effects Reported HIV Drug Report: Tissue Banks Lack Checkups N.J. Women Wait Weeks for Mammograms Study: Infections Are From Patients Drug Dangerous After HIV Exposure Bush, Stem Cell Research Questioned Teen Implants Concern Britain Study Sees Medicare Costs Rising Study: Angioplasty Can Beat Drug Study Knocks Hair Analysis Hip Replacement Blood Clots Studied Study Shows Shortage of Pharmacists Coffee May Help Protect From Cancer Popular Bowel Drug Withdrawn Laser Technique Shrinks Fibroids Study: Device May Prevent Broken Hips Progress in Down Syndrome Test Test Provides Look at Sick Hearts Doctors Using Cells To Repair Hearts Artificial Discs Offer New Hope FDA Allows Newborn-Sized Pacemaker FDA OKs Shock-Wave Pain Reliever Heart Stents Work for Both Sexes Cells Transplanted to Man's Heart Scientists Link Gene to Diabetes Study: Problems in Cancer Treatment Computer Helps Children With Cancer Cervical Cancer Test Catching On Bush to Pledge $200M for AIDS Fund Ovarian Transplant Recipient Pregnant Coil Treatment Studied for Aneurysms Dr.: Surgery Allowed Woman to Walk New Drug Seems to Help Child Autism Drugs Restoring Eyesight in Seniors Study: Diabetics Face Drug Danger Little pill is big deal in detecting intestinal problems Final outpatient rule takes first step to ensure continued access New Heart Technologies Will Save Thousands More Lives Increased Implant Safety New Lease on Life The Importance of Early Detection Wheelchair Freedom Securing Patient Information Period Relief Insulin Pump Allows Diabetics to Lead Active Lives A Second Chance A Lifelong Reminder The Truth Behind the Mask Nothing To Hide At Age Nine, A Constant Struggle A Device to Relieve Back Pain Is Helping Europeans A Pain in the Foot A Gift from the Heart … and the Bone A Mother's Effort New Device Erases Old Problem A Different Handicap Easing the Pain of Chemotherapy A Total Hip Replacement Success Story Dr. Christopher Kwolek Drs. Sherif Emil and Nabil Fanous Dr. Stephen F. McCartney Dr. Red Alinsod Dr. Giorgio Biasi Dr. John Moenning Dr. George Triadafilopoulos Dr. Hahn and Dr. Tu Dr. John McNamara Dr. Bradley, Dr. Moon and Dr. Newman Dr. Daniel DeMarco Dr. David Gandell Dr. William Snape Dr. Glen Lehman Dr. Lawrence Cohen Dr. Stephen Zinner Dr. David Johnson Dr. Dinesh G. Patel Dr. Dan Guttmann Dr. Chim Lang Dr. Richard S. Laskin Dr. Stanley Forwand Dr. Christopher Cannon Dr. Garth Rosenberg Charles Ray, MD Tom Cox, MD Steven D. Schwaitzberg, MD Henrik Malchau, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Ronald R. Blanck, D.O. Patrick C. Walsh, MD Janine Jagger, M.P.H, Ph.D. Michael E. Trigg, MD Dr. Gail K. Naughton Mitchell Sheinkop Dr. Kenneth Zaslav 3M Health Care 3M Health Information Systems Abbott Diagnostics Division Abbott Hospital Products Division ABIOMED, Inc. Accufix Research Institute Acorn Cardiovasular Inc. Adept-Med International Inc. Advanced Bio-Surfaces Advanced Sterilization Products Advanced Surgical Concepts Ltd. Advanced Tissue Sciences Advanced UroScience AeroGen Inc. Agilent Technologies AKSYS Ltd. ALARIS Medical Systems Alcon Laboratories, Inc. Allegiance Healthcare Corporation Allegiance Surgical Group Allegiance V. Mueller Division Alsius Corporation ALZA Corp. Amcell Corp. American Medical Systems Andersen Caledonia Ltd Andersen Products, Inc. AneuRx Ansell Healthcare Inc. Ansell Professional Healthcare Aortech International plc Applied Fiberoptics ARC Specialty, Products Balchem Corp. Argose Arrow International Aspect Medical Systems Atrix Laboratories ATS Medical Augustine Medical Avocet Medical Incorporated Bard Access Systems Division Bard Access Systems Division, Dymax Corporation Bard Corporate Healthcare Services Bard IMPRA Bard Interventional Products Division Bard Medical Division Bard Urological Division Bausch & Lomb Baxter Biotech Group Baxter Fenwal Baxter Hyland Baxter International Inc. 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