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September 23, 2021  

BD Insulin Delivery Devices
BD Insulin Delivery Devices
1 Becton Drive
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417-1880
United States
Phone: 1-888-BDCARES
Fax: (201) 847-4856

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  • BD Insulin Delivery Devices BDTM Insulin Delivery Devices BD Insulin Delivery Devices

    BD Insulin Delivery Devices
    BD is an innovative medical technology company that manufactures and sells a broad range of insulin delivery devices, among other products. BD is constantly building on 100 years of quality, reliability, and commitment to the customer. We are committed to bringing you the most inventive and highest-quality products now and into the next 100 years.

    BD is the world's leading maker of insulin delivery devices. We utilize only the most innovative technologies to provide people with diabetes with the most comfortable injection possible. Whether you are newly diagnosed or you have been living with diabetes for some time, BD's line of insulin delivery devices can provide you with the best tools to manage your diabetes.

    Syringe or Pen?
    People with diabetes make decisions every day that affect their health. Choosing an insulin delivery system is one decision you and your physician will make together. BD offers two excellent delivery systems to accommodate different lifestyles:
    • Insulin syringes are the most basic method of insulin delivery. They allow you the flexibility to use any type of insulin, as well as mix two kinds of insulin in one injection.
    • Insulin pens provide the freedom of setting your dose by turning a dial. People on the go may prefer pens because they are convenient and discreet for those times when you cannot be at home.

    Choose the Right BDTM Insulin Delivery Device for You BD Insulin Delivery Devices

    Needle gauge and length
    When choosing a needle, it is important to remember that the higher the gauge, the thinner the needle. The gauge and length of the needle will depend on your personal preference and your doctor's recommendation. You and your physician may consider thickness and flexibility when choosing the proper needle for you.

    BD insulin syringe needle sizes
    Needle Size Needle Gauge Needle Length
    BD Ultra-FineTM II short 30G 8mm (5/16")
    BD Ultra-FineTM 29G 12.7mm (1/2")
    BD Micro-FineTM 28G 12.7mm (1/2")

    BD pen needle sizes
    Needle Size Needle Gauge Needle Length
    BD Ultra-FineTM III short 31G 8mm (5/16")
    BD Ultra-FineTM Original 29G 12.7mm (1/2")

    Maximum dose and scale markings
    BDTM insulin syringes are available in three different maximum dose sizes: 100 units (1 CC), 50 units (1/2 cc), or 30 units (3/10 cc) of insulin. To help measure the most accurate dose, you and your physician should choose the smallest syringe that will hold the largest dose you take.

    Pen needle compatibility
    BDTM Pen needles can be used as replacement needles for the BD Pen, BD Pen Mini, Humulin Pens, Humalog Pens, or Novo Pens.

    A word on needle re-use
    BD Insulin Delivery Devices
    Technology has allowed BD to bring you the thinnest and most delicate needle possible for your insulin delivery comfort. However, re-use of these needles can damage the tip. When you dispose of a needle, you are not being wasteful; rather, you are helping to reduce your risk of tissue damage and embedding the needle tip in your skin. Please use needles only once.

    More diabetes information
    If you have further questions about any products, you can reach the BD Consumer Services Department toll free at 888-BDCARES (888-232-2737), Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Time.

    Address inquiries to [email protected].
    All inquiries and comments received are the property of BD. Due to volume considerations, BD may not be able to respond to every communication.

    BD UPdate
    At BD, we know that every person with diabetes has individual needs. So we offer BD UPdate, our free newsletter that gives you the inside scoop on the changing world of diabetes care. You can read about special promotions and offers, tips from readers, how to select the right product for you, and more. Register here for your free BD UPdate. Download current or past issues of BD UPdate or call BD to subscribe.

    Visit BD Diabetes by logging onto

    Other BD Products
    Our product and service areas include: BD Biosciences, BD Consumer Healthcare, BD Diagnostic Systems, BD Healthcare Consulting and Services, BD Medical Systems, BD Opthalmic Systems, BD Pharmaceutical Systems, and BD Vacutainer Systems.

    BD, BD Logo and all other trademarks are the property of Becton, Dickinson and Company.

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