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December 07, 2019  
FORUMS: Read-Only

Topic Title: Anxiety
Created On: 04/05/2004 01:49 PM
 02/04/2005 07:55 PM

Author Icon
Spirit Dancer

Thank you for asking. My daughter is doing fabulous. The Anxiety has totally stopped and she has never looked back. She is out working and in a relationship with a wonderful young man. I have continued to work with Jaimes Whitegle and have many many personal experiences and healings as well. If you wish to contact, me here is my e-mail address. [email protected] Look forward to hearing from you.
 01/20/2005 06:27 PM

Author Icon

interested @ your experiences then and now, and how is your daughter....issue of her healing sparked my interest to know more @ this mans work
 04/05/2004 01:49 PM

Author Icon
Spirit Dancer

My daughter moved from California to Pennsylvania this past summer. We had taken a leisurely drive across the United States to my home. Once here she needed to settle in and find a job, this was difficult at best. Over the next month she stayed in her room and was very quite. I didn’t want to push her so I gave her some space to decide what direction she wanted to take. I began to notice that she was becoming even more withdrawn. I tried to get her to go out for walks or sit outside with me, anything to get her out of the house that had become her prison. She would have none of it. I became very concerned about this. I knew if something were not done she would end up at the psychiatrist and on some mind numbing medication that would only mask the symptoms and do nothing to remove the cause of the anxiety. During my next counseling session with, Jaimes Whitegle, he asked me how my daughter was. I never even got to ask him to help her he knew she needed help. I told him what was occurring and he told me to give her his telephone number. I did and she called him the next day. She counseled with him and it is best thing I could have ever done for her. The weekend after the first session she went out for a walk with me. To this day she has continued to be anxiety and medication free. I am so very thankful to this extraordinary man for his help with my daughter as well as the counseling and teachings that he has given me. Jaimes has taught others and me how to use our energy to heal our bodies and to look within for the answers. My intent is for no one to have needless pain and suffering and learn more about what you are truly capable of doing. If you are ready to heal please feel free to contact me.
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