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Created On: 12/17/2002 09:53 AM

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 12/17/2002 09:53 AM

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I live in Colorado; I am a healthy 32-year-old female, with 1 exception. My joints hurt, non-stop. I am looking for information on joints and maybe if anyone has run across anyone else that has a similar situation to mine. I am not looking for a diagnosis over the Internet, I have already been chastised for that. I hope you have time to read thru this email; my story is long and drawn out, however it is interesting. I have had 16 surgeries on my left shoulder, including a total replacement, because of degeneration and damage to my ball and socket. Now, the interesting part is, no one can figure out why this happened, but it did. At this point, I have no ball or socket in my left shoulder. My socket prosthesis came lose in July, extremely painful, so they removed that. A few months prior to that I developed a huge sist on my scar, which in fact turned out to be a staph infection. So, they removed the humeral head prosthesis in September. Good news, my staph is gone, I can move my left arm and I am completely off of pain medication, for now. Bad news, my right shoulder, which was cleaned out in 1997, is showing signs and pain, exactly like my left one did. So, you can imagine what is going thru my mind, if "they" think I am going to go thru all of the surgery and issues and problems like I did with my left shoulder, "they" are nuts! "They" being my surgeons, disease specialist, rheumatologist, pain specialist, allergist, physical therapist and anyone that I might have left out. I also have pain in my knees, hands and hips. My left knee has started dislocating, just like my shoulders do. They don’t dislocate all the way, just enough to remind me they are there and they are un-happy. So, now I am trying to find people with similar issues, or people that are researching such issues. I have attached a file showing all of my procedures. DATE PROCEDURE 2/20/95 Lt. Shoulder, Decompression 3/7/97 Rt. Shoulder, Decompression 4/14/09 Lt. Shoulder, Decompression 8/25/99 Lt. Shoulder, Thermal Probe 4/11/00 Lt. Shoulder, Labrial Tear Repair 8/14/00 Lt. Shoulder, Synvisc Injection 8/21/00 Lt. Shoulder, Synvisc Injection 8/28/00 Lt. Shoulder, Synvisc Injection 10/10/00 Lt. Shoulder, Clean & Scrape 12/12/00 Lt. Shoulder, Humeral Head Replaced 3/12/01 Lt. Shoulder, Manual Manipulation 4/10/01 Lt. Elbow, MRI 5/21/01 Lt. Elbow, Clean & Scrape 8/16/01 Lt. Shoulder, Clean & Scrape 9/17/01 Lt. Shoulder, Socket Replaced 10/22/01 Lt. Elbow, Coritzone Injection 11/12/01 Lt. Shoulder Manual Manipulation & Lt. Elbow Cortizone Injection 12/10/01 Rt. Shoulder, MRI 2/25/02 Lt. Shoulder, Manual Manipulation 3/11/02 Lt. Shoulder, Manual Manipulation 4/29/02 Lt. Shoulder, Clean & Scrape 5/16/02 Interscalene Block w/ Catheter 5/17/02 Lt. Shoulder, Nerve Block 6/7/02 Lt. Shoulder, Trigger Point Injection, Scapula 6/13/02 Neck, MRI 6/20/02 Lt. Shoulder, Wash Out Infection 6/26/02 Lt. Shoulder, Open Incision for Draining & Wash Out Infection 7/9/02 Rt. Shoulder, Cortizone Injection 7/12/02 Lt. Shoulder, EMG 8/5/02 Lt. Shoulder, Socket Prothesis Removed & Clean out Infection 8/22/02 Lt. Shoulder, Wash Out Infection 9/12/02 Lt. Elbow, MRI 9/30/02 Lt. Shoulder, Humeral Head Prosthesis Removed 10/3/02 PICC Line Inserted, Started Antibiotics 11/18/02 PICC Line Removed I am asking people to please mention my situation to doctors or specialists or anyone that might be able to, and this is important, not diagnose me over the internet, but maybe give me information or people that might be able to help me with my situation. Let me remind you, I am not looking for a diagnosis, just maybe some ideas or maybe someone that has similar issues. I greatly appreciate your time and any effort that you put into this, even if it is to just read my email. If you do work with anyone or know anyone that could or might help me, please pass this on to that person. Sincerely, Kirsten

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